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SARAGOSA PRIME, download, by Kenneth E. Ingle, Read by Reed McColm
Settled several generations before, Saragosa Prime has grown from a mining outpost to a populated planet. Time, Winner White decides, for democracy. Since Winner holds a controlling interest in the company that owns Saragosa Prime, his decision would seem to carry a lot of weight. But among the conglomerates that rule space, Winner's is one of the smallest, and none of the others care whether democracy takes hold--or even whether Winner is allowed to hold onto his company..
SEARCH AND WAR, download, by Loren Robinson, (The Expedition Series, Book 4), Read by Greg Papst
When time-warped, astronaut Jim Parker found another astronaut's flight jacket on a Comanche brave in 1860. He knew he was not the only one who had been thrown back in time. If the astronaut was alive, Jim had to find him. But another event was about to interrupt his search--the Civil War. Known to the Indians as the Lone Wanderer, he left the Indian village and rode back into the white man's world. While in Washington, Jim learns the astronaut's name--Brian Harmo..
SECOND CONTACT, download, by Kenneth E. Ingle, (Contact Series, Book 2), Read by Gene Engene
Second Contact, The Seeds of Orion chronicles is the second book of a series that sets out the spread of mankind and Orion’s descendants into the galaxy. It takes the listener on a journey of the human race to new worlds. From populating one planet to expanding into the universe and as it has for thousands of years, doing what it had to do to survive. ISBN: 978-1-61453-226-2 ..
SECOND STAGE LENSMAN, download, by E.E. "Doc" Smith, (The Lensman Series, Book 5), Read by Reed McColm
Second Stage Lensmen is the fifth of six classic "Lensman" books, long recognized as the greatest space opera ever written. This edition is a facsimile of the 1950 Fantasy Press first edition hardcover, hard to find and expensive when found. Again Kimball Kinnison and the Galactic Patrol take up battle with Boskonia. The warfare leads to some odd corners of the universe and some stranger worlds. There is the planet Lyrane where a matriarchal society exists; the frig..
SHANJI, download, by James C. Glass (Shanji Trilogy, Book 1), Read by Maynard Villers
Kati thought she was Tumatsin, but her real father was Moshuguang, a Searcher, one of those working to bring down the feudal empire on Shanji and establish a progressive society. Ruled by Mandughai, the emerald-eyed empress of a neighboring star, the Searchers are looking for the person who has inherited the power to be a super being. They believe Kati is that person, and with training from Mandughai, Kati's powers exceed her trainer's power. To bring unity to Shanji ..
SIX SHOT, download, by C.K. Crigger, (The Gunsmith Series, Book 4), Read by Stephanie Brush
This time, even without seeing a gun, gunsmith Boothenay Irons knows something terrible is going to happen. It all started innocently enough when her boyfriend, Caleb, wanted to go look at an Appaloosa horse by the name of Six Shot that he saw advertised in the newspaper. Boothenay begged him not to, but to no avail. Reluctantly Boothenay accompanies him to see the Nez Perce Indian owner and horse. She hopes that by staying in the car, and not getting ..
SKYKEEP, download, by Joseph R. Lallo (Free-Wrench Series, Book 2), Read by Andrea Bates
It has taken some adjustment, but Nita Graus has made quite a home for herself among the crew of the Wind Breaker. Under her skillful care it has become one of the only airships to stay aloft without the continuous repair and oversight of the vile and manipulative fug folk. Word of her adventures with Captain Mack, Gunner, Lil, Cooper, and Wink has made the whole crew into living legends among the residents of the mountain towns of Rim, but in doing so it has also made findin..
SKYLARK DUQUESNE, download, by E.E. "Doc" Smith, (Skylark Series, Book 4), Read by Reed McColm
Dick Seaton & Marc DuQuensne are the deadliest enemies in the Universe--their feud has blazed among the stars & changed the history of a thousand planets. But now a threat from outside the Galaxy drives them into a dangerous alliance as hordes of strange races drive to a collision with mankind. Seaton & DuQuensne flight & slave side by side to fend off the invasion--as Seaton keeps constant, perilous watch for DuQuesne's inevitable double-cross. ..
SKYLARK OF VALERON, download, by E.E. "Doc" Smith, (Skylark Series, Book 3), Read by Reed McColm
This book picks up where "Skylark Three" leaves off. Our hero families are in deep space when they are attacked by the intellectuals. Inorder to survive the attack they rotate into the 4th demention and are captured. They must make it back to 3space and find their way home. Unfortunatly they find themselves hopelessly lost but are able to save another race and make their way home! ..
SKYLARK THREE, download, by E.E. "Doc" Smith, (Skylark Series, Book 2), Read by Reed McColm
In this exhilarating sequel to The Skylark of Space, momentous danger again stalks genius inventor and interplanetary adventurer Dr. Richard Seaton. Seaton?s allies on the planet Kondal are suffering devastating attacks by the forces of the Third Planet. Even worse, the menacing and contemptuous Fenachrones are threatening to conquer the galaxy and wipe out all who oppose them. And don?t forget the dastardly machinations of Seaton?s arch-nemesis, DuQuesne, who embarks on a ne..
SMOKE ON THE WATER, download, by Brian Daley, (Gammalaw, Book 1), Read by Tom Taylorson
Though they contemplated a final suicide mission of blood, guts, and glory, the Exts knew their warrior superskills were no match for the LAW--Legal Annexation of Worlds--who were sent into space by the mighty Periapt potentates to colonize new populations against the evil, alien Roke. Among the Ext draftees bound for Periapt were Allgrave Burning, his techno-wizard cousin Lod, and beautiful, death-scarred Ghost, all sworn to a greater purpose, destined to fight in a star-tor..
SOME WILL NOT DIE, download, by Algis Budrys, Read By Reed McColm
The plague struck, and ninety percent of Earth's population died. Those who survived tried to maintain some sort of civilization...which meant more killing, as it turned out. But bit by bit, generation by generation, people began to succeed. With occasional setbacks. ISBN: 978-1-60548-051-0 Read by Reed McColm Approx. 7.51 Hrs. Rated PG ..
SORCERESS OF DARSHIVA, download, by David Eddings, (The Malloreon Series, Book 4), Read by Cameron Beierle
Troubles and delays continue to mount as King Garion, Belgarath, Polgara, and the company pursues Zandramas across the known world. Possessed by the Dark Destiny, Zandramas has kidnapped Garion's infant son and plans to use him in a ritual that would destroy all that men value. Always one step ahead, taunting and spying on Garion and his party in the form of a great flying dragon, Zandramas races to beat them to the "Place Which Is No More." Desperate to arri..
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STEN AND THE MUTINEERS, download, by Allan Cole, Read by Jerry Sciarrio
MUTINY! In the Eternal Emperor’s service it is forbidden to even speak the word. To join an insurgency is a firing-squad offense. So, when the crewmembers of the Flame turn traitor and steal an entire space train of Imperium X - the second most valuable element in the Empire -- and threaten to sell it to the Emperor's enemies, the Emperor only has one option . . . to send in his best assassin and dirty trickster: Sten! This thrilling new Sten adventure builds on ..