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ENDWORLD: LIBERTY RUN, by David Robbins, (Endworld Series, Book 11), Read by Damon Abdallah
The Russians Had Destroyed The World – Now They Wanted To Rule What Was Left Of It. 100 YEARS AFTER WWIII – The Freedom Federation was the last hope for a civilized society in America. It was the only protection a million survivors had against the country’s savage invaders. THE RUSSIANS – had planted a spy in the Federation, vowing to learn the location of each of its inhabited outposts and destroy them – one by one. THE LIBERTY RUN &..
ENDWORLD: MEMPHIS RUN, by David Robbins (Endworld Series, Book 18), Read by Damon Abdallah
THE TIME: 100 years after the nuclear holocaust. THE PLACE: Elvis' ‘Graceland.’ THE FAMILY: Isolated survivors of World War III, they huddled together for safety, surrounded by savage barbarians and bizarre, deadly mutants. The Warriors must stop the tyrant who inhabits Elvis Presley's ‘Graceland’ one hundred years after World War III. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE & CD ISBN: 978-1-64192-230-2 to..
ENDWORLD: MIAMI RUN by David Robbins (Endworld Series, Book 16), Read by Damon Abdallah
100 YEARS AFTER WORLD WAR III – America was a nuked-out wasteland, a gutted remnant of a once-glorious country where only the very strong – and the evil – survived. THE WARRIORS – Possessed of incomparable strength and skill, they were a fighting unit determined to keep civilization alive in a dead land. MIAMI RUN – Before the war, Miami was a hotbed of illegal activity, a crowded metropolis teeming with low-life pushers and half-dead jun..
ENDWORLD: NEVADA RUN by David Robbins (Endworld Series, Book 15), Read by Damon Abdallah
THE FAMILY – They were a civilized island in an uncivilized land. THE WARRIORS – Experts in death, they were unparalleled in strength, unmatched in skill – and dedicated to the protection of the Family. THE NEVADA RUN – On the trail of kidnappers, the Warriors stumbled upon a city they thought was long dead – tawdry, decadent Las Vegas. The once-proud mecca of sand and sin was now a cesspool of depravity and danger, a killing ground where..
ENDWORLD: NEW YORK RUN by David Robbins (Endworld Series, Book 10), Read by Damon Abdallah
After the nuclear holocaust, New York City became a zombie-ridden chaos where no sane man would willingly go. But Blade and his men had to venture into the fallen metropolis. For a renowned scientist claimed the solution to the world’s food shortage lay hidden beneath the city, and he needed them to find it. If the Warriors succeeded in their quest, there would be shouts of joy – if they failed, the world would die without a whimper. $..
ENDWORLD: SEATTLE RUN by David Robbins (Endworld Series, Book 14), Read by Damon Abdallah
Manta was a crazed mutant with a lust for power, the latest threat to the free people of ravaged North America. He had taken over Seattle and was thirsting for more conquest. Before Manta could extend his empire, the Warriors had to penetrate his fortress and enforce their own brand of justice. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE & CD ISBN: 978-1-64192-098-8 to hear a sample of this audiobook Running Time: Approx. 5.74 Hrs. Read by Damon Abd..
ENDWORLD: THE KALISPELL RUN, by David Robbins (Endworld Series, Book 4), Read by Damon Abdallah
THE TIME: 100 years after the nuclear holocaust. THE PLACE: What's left of America. THE FAMILY: Isolated survivors of World War III, they huddled together for safety, surrounded by savage barbarians and bizarre, deadly mutants. THE ALPHA TRIAD: Blade, Hickock and Geronimo were the fighting arm of The Family – hard men, skilled in staying alive, no matter what the cost. THE MOLES: Subterranean humanoids, they ruled their underground domain with subhuma..
ESCAPE FROM ROSWELL, by Ted Dickey, (Roswell Series, Book 2), Read by Rusty Nelson
Max Griffon had it all. A loving wife, a ranch in the mountains of New Mexico, and a baby on the way. Then an old enemy, bent on vengeance, returns to burn his home, kill his ranch hands, and worst of all, kidnap his pregnant wife. Once again, Max must saddle up Mouse and ride into the desert south of Roswell. He must ride alone, looking for a fight he can’t win, against a foe he will have to chase halfway across the galaxy. What he finds there soon has him figh..
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ESCAPE OF THE ALIENS by Loren Robinson, Read by Gene Engene
Aliens land on Earth with an important message for humans. They are pursued so intensely by the KGB, FBI and the CIA that they are unable to deliver the message. CD ISBN: 978-1-61453-739-7 Read by Gene Engene Approx 6.51 Hrs. 6 CDs Rated PG ..
FALL OF THE WHITE SHIP AVATAR, by Brian Daley (Alacrity Fitzhugh and Hobart Floyt Series, Book 3), Read by Brian Holsopple
Uneasy Lies The Head. In just a few months Alacrity Fitzhugh and Hobart Floyt had claimed Hobart’s inheritance from the ruler of a small interstellar empire, then returned to Earth and toppled its government. They’d also become good friends. But Alacrity had more important goals than bodyguarding Hobart – he wanted command of the fabulous White Ship, the starship designed to track down the secrets of the ancient and powerful Precursor aliens. Yet it ..
FALLING TORCH, by Algis Budrys, Read by Jerry Sciarrio
How could he save Earth, when Earth no longer cared? In this sci-fi classic, distant archaic Earth has been occupied by aliens for several decades, while Earth's government-in-exile has resided in the advanced Centaurian system. Finally, this aging, tired group find they are about to receive help - financial aid and weaponry to recover their lost planet. But do they want to give up their lives for a world long left behind? Michael Wireman, the son of the exiled President,..
FIRST CONTACT, by Kenneth E. Ingle, (Contact Series, Book 1), Read by Gene Engene
When a lab experiment results in a group of scientists gaining extremely long life, they realize that if they stay on Earth, they'll soon become lab specimens. To escape this, they decide to travel to the stars. Unfortunately, the stars are already occupied. CD ISBN: 978-1-60548-650-5 Read by Gene Engene Approx. 12.2 Hrs. 11 CDs Rated PG ..
FIRST LENSMAN, by E. E. "Doc" Smith, (The Lensman Series, Book 2), Read by Reed McColm
In the not-too-distant future, while fleets of commercial space ships travel between the planets of numerous solar systems, a traveler named Virgil Samms visits the planet Arisia. There he becomes the first wearer of the Lens, the almost-living symbol of the forces of law and order. As the first Lensman, Samms helps to form the Galactic Patrol, a battalion of Lensmen who are larger-than-life heroes. These soldiers are the best of the best, with incredible skill, stealth and d..
FLIGHT TO EDEN, by Douglas Hirt, (Cradleland Chronicles Series, Book 1), Read by Michael Taylor
A dark power is at work, intent on gaining complete control of the CradleLand, the birthplace of the still-young world. All that stands in the Power's way is one troublesome line of humans: descendants of Seth. They are of the only remaining clan clinging to an all-but-dead faith. And yet it's from that faith that a prophecy threatens all plans of world dominion: A promise, spoken from the heart of Eden, warning of a human son yet to come. A man who would strike back ..