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100 WAYS TO BRING OUT YOUR BEST, by Roger Fritz, Ph.D. Read by Kevin Foley
What is your best? Are you giving it ? Why don't we consistently, day after day, benefit from our best qualities and talents? If the ability is there, why don`t we use it? If we have the knowledge, why don`t we apply it? Here are 100 answers to these questions. This book will further challenge you to bring your potential future accomplishments in the present so that you can benefit each day. In fact, this book will guide an..
A HEART LIKE MINE, by Cindy Valenti-Scinto, Read by Cindy Valenti-Scinto
In September 2001, Cindy Valenti-Scinto, a healthy young woman, suffered a heart attack that was only the beginning of a grueling seven-year journey through heart disease. Four years later, after forty operations and several brushes with death, Cindy received a miraculous heart transplant that saved her life. Cindy relied on the Lord as her strength through all the trials and pain, providing her many opportunities to share His love with others. Her story is not only inspiring..
BOUNCE BACK AND WIN, by Roger Fritz Ph.D, Read by Kevin Foley
“THE KEY TO SUCCESS IN LIFE IS NOT THE BRILLIANCE OR COMPETENCE OR EVEN EXPERIENCE. IT IS RECOVERY…THE ABILITY TO BOUNCE BACK. HERE’S WHAT IT TAKES AND HOW TO DO IT!” “Roger’s advice as our consultant was invaluable. Now everyone can benefit from his insight in Bounce Back and Win.” – Raymond J. Nawara, Founder & CEO, CROSS ACCESS Corporation “Bounce Back and Win is both logical and inspirational at ..
CASH FLOW FOREVER, by Jeff K. Johnson, Read by Jerry Sciarrio
Jeff’s method is not a Get Rich Quick scheme. Instead, his insight and experience will help you to find, invest and grow your wealth with real estate. CD ISBN: 978-1-61453-463-1 Running Time: Approx. 5.94 Hrs. Read by Jerry Sciarrio Rated G, 5 CDs ..
EARS TO HEAR - GROWING GODLY TEENS, by Vince Morris, Read by Vince Morris
Growing Godly Teens by Vince Morris, director of risk management, Wheaton College, and former youth minister of Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Warrenville, Ill. Part One: How to raise a teenager? a. Serving the needs of your child. b. How parents and teens are different. c. How parents and teens are the same. d. Automatic or reflective? e. Deciding to parent well. Part Two: Parenting as a ministry to the child. a. The real reasons for family conflict. b. Handli..
EARS TO HEAR - TEACH US TO PRAY, by Harold Myra and Carolyn Nystrom
Three Christian thinkers discuss some of the fundamental issues of prayer, including why we should pray, to whom and how. In one illuminating exchange, the three focus on questions about unanswered prayer. Myra is editorial director of the Christianity Today publishing empire. Nystrom has written dozens of books, including “Praying: Finding Our Way Through Duty to Delight,” (InterVarsity Press, 2003) co-authored with J.I. Packer. Eble is the author of 11 books, mo..
EARS TO HEAR - WHAT DO WE KNOW ABOUT HEAVEN AND HELL, by Various Authors, Read by Various Readers
What might heaven and hell be like? Artists through the ages have passed biblical clues through the lenses of their own imaginations to conjure up visions of the hereafter. The manner in which heaven and hell are perceived has varied greatly through the ages. For instance, the evocation of hell as a terrifying place filled with demonic creatures that torture the damned was replaced during the Age of the Enlightenment by a vision of hell on earth, as in the art of Goya, ..
FAST TRACK (HOW TO GAIN AND KEEP MOMENTUM), by Roger Fritz Ph.D, Read by Kevin Foley
POSITIVE THINKING ISN'T ENOUGH! Learn Why Dependence Is Not Dependable/How Attitude Makes The Difference/The Secrets of Self Mastery “Fast Track unwraps a lot of bright ideas and makes them useful immediately. Best of all, it's easy to read–a must given my crazy schedule!” - Dan Young,..
HOW TO ACHIEVE TOTAL SUCCESS, by Russ Von Hoelscher, Read by Gene Engene
Yes! It's possible, and the winning "how to" is now in your hands! This wonderful book is an owner's manual for your life and your success. You were born to be a winner, and this book is about how to win consistently! The secrets of successful living, giving, and receiving are in this incredible mastery of life owner's manual. There is nothing impossible once you make contact with and use the Mind Science Success Principles. HOW TO ACHIEVE TOTAL SUCCESS ..
LEARNING TO LEARN (Maximizing Your Performance Potential), written and read by D. Trinidad Hunt
We must maximize our performance potential for there-in lies the obvious next step in the shifting paradigm of personal and professional effectiveness. Learning to Learn addresses the quality of life that is available when we stretch to attain this potential through a lifelong commitment to learning. A fully actualized human being is born of the marriage of both character development and skills. Consequently, Learning to Learn includes both the cultivation of character as wel..
LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER (SAVAGE SOLUTIONS) by Michael Savage, Read by Mark Warner (Abridged)
With grit, guts, and gusto, Michael Savage leaves no political turn unstoned as he savages today’s rabid liberalism, which he says, “is made in much the same way as a sausage, it’s a blend of fascist, communist, and socialist ideologies from twentieth century Europe, with a pinch of Nazism, all ground together, yet retaining the flavor of its various parts.” Dr. Savage, sage prophet of the airwaves, has been diagnosing America’s liberal ill..
MAGNET PEOPLE, by Roger Fritz, Ph.D., Read by Kevin Foley
“Magnet People are not trying to be authentic... they are authentic.” – Roger Fritz “Roger has captured the essence of what is needed in a society which professes to believe in qualified leaders.” – Lynn DeVon, Ph.D, President, NOP Research Group - NOP WORLD The best word to describe Magnet People is ‘insightful’. It Actually forced me to reopen my ideas about the type of leaders we need most.” – Steven Joh..
MY LITERARY AGENT, by Bonita K. Nelson, Read by Kris Faulkner
MY LITERARY AGENT navigates writers through a mysterious and often confusing professional arena that is expressly vital to the authors future. What is the secret of finding a great agent who will open doors to publishers and film producers? How can writers best present their material to assure maximum response? What are the surefire methods for moving a literary career into high gear? Opportunities exist, and the market is always looking for product. But competition is keen; ..
NOTHING VENTURED NOTHING GAINED, by Roger Fritz Ph.D, Read by Kevin Foley
Success will come if you wait for it. Here’s what you can do to make the right things happen. “Roger has captured the basic issues involved in my personal quest to find out what I am capable of. His ideas have been a great help to me for many years.” — John M. Lee Co-Founder & President, Legacy, Inc. “For me, this book raises a powerful question - Am I ready for the changes I face? If not, why not? Every reader will benefit.”..