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SHARPEN YOUR COMPETITIVE EDGE, by Roger Fritz, Ph.D. Read by Kevin Foley
I have known Roger since 1990 when we first published one of his books, Think Like a Manager. Since then, we have sold over 70,000 copies. In reading Roger’s newest work, Sharpen Your Competitive Edge, I came across what I call a typical Rogerism: “The Challenge for those who want to be competitors is to be honest with themselves.” My advice is don’t read this book unless you can follow this rule. Roger doesn’t pull any punches. He lays out a sim..
SLEEP DISORDERS (AMERICA'S HIDDEN NIGHTMARE), by Roger Fritz, Ph.D., Read by Kevin Foley
An estimated 20 million people miss between one and three days of work each week because of severe, chronic, debilitating insomnia. And, as many as forty percent of Americans over the age of 60, suffer from some type of sleep apnea. In this study, Dr. Fritz investigates these alarming statistics and attempts to help readers fully understand this serious problem. CD ISBN: 1-596..
THE 100% SOLUTION, by Colleen Patrick, Read by Colleen Patrick
"The 100% Solution is a blueprint for how to live in the solution while solving a problem!” This is not a “woo-woo” book, full of hocus-pocus hype. It's a practical explanation of a down-to-earth, common sense, step-by-step guide to problem-solving that I developed. The only item you need to pack for this journey is the desire to believe that you are worth all the good things that you want for yourself and others. Solve every problem, positively! Cr..
THE CURSES OF ENTITLEMENT, by Roger Fritz, Read by Kevin Foley
“The most serious mistake of our society is to remove incentives for individual accomplishment.” “The best bridge for generation gaps is a heritage of self-reliance, no entitlement.” “The more you expect of yourself, the greater the chance of success.” CD ISBN: 978-1-60548-618-5 Read by Kevin Foley Approx. 2.5 Hrs. 3 CDs Rated..
WHO CARES (ARE YOU A GIVER, TAKER, OR WATCHER?), by Roger Fritz Ph.D, Read by Kevin Foley
“The only way to move beyond what we can accomplish alone is to care about those who will help us.” “Four words best describe my feelings about Who Cares: Are You a Giver, Taker, or Watcher? - Revealing, Candid, Inspiring, and Useful.” — Loris Essary, Director, International Titles “Roger has done it again. As before, he takes on a big subject and condenses it so ..
YES YOU CAN!, by Roger Fritz, Read by Kevin Foley
"Reputation depends not on what you intend, but what you do. Evidence accumulates every day. Here are 98 ways to check on your progress." Listening to any chapter in this book will increase self confidence. It reconfirms the reasons we continue to use Roger's ideas and books in our ongoing training and development programs. - Brooke Runnels, Training and Employee Communication Manager, The Biltmore Company. Here's my advice to everyone I know about YES Yo..