THE FLEDGLINGS, by Howard E. Adkins, Read by Kevin Foley

THE FLEDGLINGS, by Howard E. Adkins, Read by Kevin Foley
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The Fledglings examines the maturation of three young men in the crucible of the terrifying and bloody World War 1. Of course, their loss of innocence is not unique to war alone, but such an arena accelerates the process and is a much harsher compass. The time period is one of revolutionary change throughout the world, but nowhere is the transformation in the early Twentieth Century more pronounced than in warfare – killing has become a highly refined process and now even moved into the air. In the telling of the story, there is a great deal of aerial combat, many details of the techniques employed and specifies about the planes of that era.

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CD ISBN: 978-1-60548-481-5

Read by Kevin Foley
Approx. 8.10 Hrs. 7 CDs
Rated PG

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