THE MAN WHO DIED TWICE, by Loren Robinson, Read by Gene Engene

THE MAN WHO DIED TWICE, by Loren Robinson, Read by Gene Engene
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Captain Ben Morgan had served with the 8th Air Force in World War II. At home he had a wife and three young children. Three more missions and he could go home. But a bombing run in his B-24 over Hamburg changed his life forever. Shot down by German fire, he was reported killed in action, but a German doctor saved his life and rebuilt his face. 

His wife, Jenny, waited five years for his hoped-for return, then married George Albright. When Bens’s brother Dale received his phone call, telling him he was alive, Dale told him his wife had remarried. 

Ben had to choose between reclaiming his family or leave things as they were, and he could approach her without being recognized. He discovered Jenny had adjusted, and her children knew only George as their father. Which way would he choose? The answer was to affect many lives for many years to come.Click for more Mystery audiobooks

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CD ISBN: 1-59607-954-1

Read by Gene Engene
Approx. 6.4 Hrs. 6 CDs
Rated G

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