THE WHOLE SHEBANG, by Gwen Petersen, Read by Stephanie Brush

THE WHOLE SHEBANG, by Gwen Petersen, Read by Stephanie Brush
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Summer McGranahan boards the stage at Rimrock, Montana along with three women who are traveling together. Summer is on her way to Broken Horn, Montana where she is to take possession of her inheritance, the Broken Horn Inn. During the journey the stagecoach is held up by three bandits. But not finding anything of value on the stage, the bandits decide to rape the women. That is until Summer pulls out her concealed .38 pistol and shoots one of them. But one of the other ladies gives her a hand with a hidden derringer. Soon the would be robbers, at least the ones still alive, are trussed up and headed for the hoosgow... and Summer heads for new adventures in Broken Horn...

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CD ISBN: 978-1-61453-518-8
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Running Time: Approx. 9.96 Hrs.
Read by Stephanie Brush
Rated PG, 9 CDs

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