THE WINNING HAND by C.K. Crigger, Read by Mara Lynne Thomas

THE WINNING HAND by C.K. Crigger, Read by Mara Lynne Thomas
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Never bet more than you can afford to lose… Caroline Pruett should have heeded that advice, because once she lost her stake, there was no going back. Or was there? Desperation has clouded Caroline's judgment, because when she loses King, her Thoroughbred stallion, to Micah Sutton in a poker game, the first thing she does is steal him back. The adventure is not quite a success, however, and after accidentally shooting Micah, Caroline and King are on the run. Micah is a hard man to kill. He’s out to catch Caroline and retrieve his horse, but now there’s another complication. Seems there’s more than one horse thief in the Okanogan country and the girl isn’t the only one after King. Who’d ever thought he’d have to team up with a wildcat like her?Click for more Western audiobooks


CD ISBN: 978-1-61453-939-1
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Running Time: Approx. 9.5 Hrs.
Read by Mara Lynne Thomas

Rated PG, 9 CDs

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