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STONEWALL JACKSON'S ELBOW, by John Billheimer, (Owen Allison Series, Book 5), Read by Kevin Foley
After the death of J. Burton Caldwell, president of the First National Bank of Contrary, West Virginia, federal bank examiners find three-quarters of a billion dollars missing. A hick bank in a hick town, it stacks up to be one of the biggest failures in the history of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. When the FDIC attempts to recoup investor's losses by auctioning off the banks' assets and the museum's holdings, the attractive museum curator vanishes an..
STRATA, by Howard E. Adkins, Read by Kevin Foley
James Stanford, a recent college graduate, seeks out an abandoned homestead in the rugged Owyhee country of southwestern Idaho which has recently been scheduled for tax sale. He finds an archeological dig underway there and becomes captivated by the millennia of human drama which is suggested by the artifacts. CD ISBN: 978-1-60548-307-8 Read by Kevin Foley Approx. 11.8 Hrs...
THE ANGEL OF KNOWLTON PARK, by Kate Flora, (Joe Burgess Series, Book 2), Read by Terry Rose
When the body of eight-year-old Timothy Watts is found wrapped in a blue blanket in a Portland, Maine park, homicide detective Joe Burgess (introduced in Playing God) vows to find the killer. Everyone in the neighborhood loved Timmy except his abusive family, but people are unwilling to talk. Even Iris, Timmy's deaf sister, will not share what she knows and soon goes missing. Then things get ugly when the press begins a personal attack on Burgess using information that co..
THE COYOTE CROSSING, by Frank Roderus, (The Carl Heller Series, Book 5), Read by Kevin Foley
Heller agrees to go undercover south of the border to investigate the disappearance of a young Mexican last seen trying to buy his way into Texas. Heller is caught up in a dangerous crossfire as he cozies up to the local "coyote," a slimeball that takes desperate Mexicans across the river in the dead of night for a heavy fee and then sets them up to be robbed, beaten, and even raped by bandidos. The frightened prey are powerless, nobody cares, except Heller, and tha..
THE DEAD HEAT, by Frank Roderus, (The Carl Heller Series, Book 6), Read by Kevin Foley
Heller's friend is looking forward to a million dollars - his prize quarter horse is the overwhelming favorite to win the Liquid Gold Futurity. But someone has other ideas, sinister ideas, and that's where Heller comes in. He agrees to protect the horse, for a fat fee and any willing woman. Heller is a novice at the track, but the mountain boy learns fast. And if the "accident" happens, he's ready to spring into action, even if it involves taking on orga..
THE OIL RIG, by Frank Roderus, (The Carl Heller Series, Book 1), Read by Kevin Foley
Meet Carl Heller, a maverick son of the modern West. Heller's a man you can turn to when your life's in danger - if you can get him off his butt. Born in the Colorado high country, he's a part-time rancher who savors a laid-back approach to living. But Heller's also a law school dropout with a head for justice that's as hard as the Rockies and with a mile-wide stubborn streak. So he hires out to hopeless cases, hurtling into action when some big guy is put..
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THE PECCAVI FILE, by Howard E. Adkins, Read by Kevin Foley
The problem consists of a string of murders and the ongoing destruction of a number of companies' financial structures through implantation of highly malignant stealth computer viruses. The solution is hidden in the devilish Peccavi file. CD ISBN: 978-1-60548-419-8 Read by Kevin Foley Approx. 6.5 Hrs. 6 CDs Rated R ..
THE RAIN RUSTLERS, by Frank Roderus, (Carl Heller Series, Book 2), Read by Kevin Foley
Somebody was stealing the most precious survival resource in the dry grass country: water. These were no ordinary thieves, however: these rain rustlers were taking the water right out of the skies with a secret cloud seeding operation that threatened to wipe out everybody in the San Luis Valley. At first Heller thought it was all a joke, until a club-wielding pachuco ambushed him, reduced his bike to scrap and left him bruised and bleeding. Heller comes back with a Smith and ..
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THE RIBBON MURDERS, by Sharon Ervin, (Jancy Dewhurst Series, Book 1), Read by Janean Jorgensen
Cub reporter Jancy Dewhurst has a plan for her life. One more year working for the Clarion, and she can leave behind the university town of Bishop, Oklahoma to land her dream job as an overseas wire correspondent. Then her first homicide scene sets her on the trail of a serial killer and throws her together with Agent Jim Wills - a natty state cop with an attitude to match his good looks, who has no use for "meddling" reporters. The murderer leaves a peculiar signat..
THE SINISTER SWINDLER, by Frank Roderus, (Carl Heller Series, Book 7), Read by Kevin Foley
In this book of the Heller series, smooth talking Cory Teale charms his way into the confidence of the Ute Indian tribe. He even secures a power of attorney and the responsibility for investing the tribe's money. Heller's friend, who previously handled the tribe's investments, determines Teale is too good to be true and grows suspicious. Heller is asked to check the guy out. Assuming it would be a simple investigation, Heller finds more than he expects and gets hi..
THE SNOW KING, by Frank Roderus, (The Carl Heller Series, Book 8), Read by Kevin Foley
Popular demand for the Heller series has prompted the author to bring out book #8, the final encore of Carl Heller. In this book, Carl Heller goes undercover as a big time investor in the Snow King Ski Resort. The Snow King is the brain child of Harold King a polished and elusive con man. Heller is called into the case by Kat Sullivan, the girl-friend of a missing salesman hired to sell memberships in the Snow King Resort. Heller learns the Resort's terrible secret and ne..
THE TURNOUT MAN, by Frank Roderus, (The Carl Heller Series, Book 4), Read by Kevin Foley
They were young, not so innocent, but certainly unprepared for being "turned out" into the sleazy hell of a no-limits, porno playground in Reno. There, tender flesh commanded the highest buck, but a young life was cheap. When a "clean" brothel owner hired Heller to wipe out those preying on the unsuspecting under-age, Heller willingly sunk himself into the dark, slimy underground. Women, drugs, blood-soaked profits, the whole girl-trade pipeline made Helle..
THE VIDEO VANDAL, by Frank Roderus, (Carl Heller Series, Book 3), Read by Kevin Foley
Heller was just a big boy from the high country and he was having a rough time understanding all the fuss over protecting the secret development of a hot, new video game. Heller soon learned it wasn't a fun game, it was deadly trouble. The game could pay off in a fabulous fortune for G&C Electronics in Colorado Springs high-tech gulch and somebody was racing to steal the program. They were willing to destroy the company and anyone who got in their way. It was Heller&#..
TORCH TOWN BOOGIE, by Steven Womack, (Harry Denton Series, Book 2), Read by Ron Varela
Detective Harry Denton's next case is a hot one when the magnificent mansion across the street from his apartment is consumed in a suspicious fire. The blaze has all the scorch marks of the East Nashville Arsonist, a phantom firebug. This time he left a dead body behind. The bludgeoned and left-to-burn victim was a well-known psychotherapist...and the man that Harry's ex-wife, Lanie, was about to marry. Thanks to the doctor's will, which leaves a chunk of money to..