WALK IN MY SOUL PART 2 OF 2, by Lucia St. Clair Robson (Lucia Robson), Read by Laurie Klein

WALK IN MY SOUL PART 2 OF 2, by Lucia St. Clair Robson (Lucia Robson), Read by Laurie Klein
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Tiana was a Cherokee woman. She grew up learning the magic, spells, and nature religion of her people. Before Sam Houston became the father of Texas, he was a young man who had run away from his home in Tennessee to live among the Cherokee. He came to love Tiana. As the Cherokee would say, she walked in his soul. But Sam was a white man, and Tiana, a Cherokee. And the dreams each had for their land and their people were far apart...

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CD ISBN: 978-1-60548-725-0

Read by Laurie Klein
Approx. 14.55 Hrs. 13 CDs
Rated R

    “A well plotted, authentically detailed historical novel...that relives the Trail of Tears, and the time that Sam Houston as a young man lived with the Cherokees, and the complex feelings between him and Tiana, the beautiful tribeswoman.  Has anyone spoken for the hammock this afternoon?”   -- The Baltimore Sun

   “... recommend, unreservedly and with great enthusiasm, Walk in My Soul." -- Roundup Magazine*

  “Her sprawling story grows naturally out of photographic descriptions of the manners, morals, humor, food and language of both whites and Cherokees....  A richly detailed, rousingly good story that portrays Native Americans with dignity.” -- Washington Post*

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