WHISPERS OF THE GREYBULL, download, by Stephen B. Smart, Read by Rusty Nelson

WHISPERS OF THE GREYBULL, download, by Stephen B. Smart, Read by Rusty Nelson
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Twenty-two years old Cole Morgan struggled after a career ending football injury and then the tragic loss of his parents in the winter of 1937. He felt like a man with no destination...running from lost opportunities and memories better left alone. Maybe it was for this reason he accepted the offer of a near stranger to use his education and backcountry skills to work on the Greybull, one of the largest ranches in Wyoming. With little fanfare he packed all his worldly possessions in his beloved truck and headed for the small town of Meeteetsee. After falling gravely ill upon arrival and being nursed back to health by Julie McCabe, the rancher’s daughter, Cole begins to realize that his future may hinge on long-held secrets of the ranch. He’ll be tested by tough men, rogue animals, and the worst nature can muster trying to solve the seventy-year-old mystery that could save the Greybull Ranch.

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DOWNLOAD ISBN: 978-1-61453-012-1

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Running Time: Approx. 14.1 Hrs.
Read by Rusty Nelson
Rated PG


"...very well written and [he] paints a wonderful picture." Tracie Hogeboom, Avid Reader

"...the words and the descriptions actually jumped off the page at me...I was reading a book but it felt like watching a movie." Wild Bill Snyder, Writer

"Whispers of The Greybull defies categorization. From suspense and intrigue, to romance and cowboy charisma, Whispers will capture the imagination of all readers." Rock Ray, Former McDonald's Franchise Owner


"It was a great read...an attention grabber to the point where you can't put it down." Tony Wilson, Big R General Manager


"Whispers of The Greybull is as well written and compelling as any novel by the famous Louis L'amour, or any other western wordsmiths." Bob Graham, Cowboy Poet/North Idaho Mule Club

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