WOLVERINE, download, by David Thompson (Wilderness Series, Book 49) Read by Rusty Nelson

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In the harsh wilderness of the Rocky Mountains, every day presents a new challenge. Nate King and his family have survived by overcoming those challenges, one by one. But in the new valley that is their home, they face perils they've never before known. Some of the most vicious predators on the continent are stalking the Kings and their friends. Nate has gone up against grizzlies, mountain lions, and enraged buffalo, but he's never battled wolverines--cunningly savage killers that know no fear. One wolverine is dangerous enough, but five live in this valley...and they're out for blood.Click for more Western audiobooks


DOWNLOAD ISBN: 978-1-64192-073-5
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Running Time: Approx. 5.95 Hrs.
Read by Rusty Nelson

Rated PG

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