GOSPEL OF THE GUN, download, by Sean Chandler, Read by Jeffrey Kafer

GOSPEL OF THE GUN, download, by Sean Chandler, Read by Jeffrey Kafer
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Gospel of the Gun is the exciting new story from western writer Sean Chandler (author of Ebony Marshal, and Ebony Marshal: Bitter), that mixes elements of religious theology with western lore. The story follows the outlawed Jeremiah Irons as he is chased across the country by the twelve men that make up the Disciple Gang: (Slade King (John), Travis King (James), known together collectively as the Thunder brothers), Nero Reigns (Thomas), Augustus Caesar (Phillip), Chris Grimes (Andrew), Bill Grimes (Peter), John Hawthorne (James the Younger), Miguel Rodriquez (Matthew), John Sixkiller (Bartholemew), George Fightmaster (Simon), Thomas Truth (unknown Judas), and their leader Lucif R. Shadows. Thinking he has stolen money from them, Jeremiah, named Judas by the Disciples, decides to make a run for it. His exploits land him in the town of Wewoka, Indian Territory where he finds himself behind the pulpit in the guise of a preacher. It is in Wewoka that Jeremiah begins to learn who he really is, and through the influences of the townspeople, and especially the beautiful Hope West, his life begins to take an unexpectant turn.But like all things the quiet is just a prelude to the storm. Jeremiah’s good fortune only serves to make it that much harder when the Disciple Gang learn of his continued existence. Can Jeremiah survive their eventual arrival in Wewoka? Will his newfound love for Hope West ever see fruition? Or will he have to blaze a path once again with his guns just to survive?

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DOWNLOAD ISBN: 978-1-60548-547-8

Read by Jeffrey Kafer
Approx. 10.5 hrs.
Rated PG

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