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OREGON TRAVAIL, download, by Douglas Hirt (Kit Carson Series, Book 7), Read by Rusty Nelson
THE VENGEANCE TRAIL Kit Carson knew trouble could be brewing as he tracked a band of Blackfeet, but he wasn’t expecting to come upon the remains of a brutal massacre. The Blackfeet had butchered a small group of Shoshone, leaving behind nothing but maimed bodies – and one crying baby. Kit set out to bring the baby back to his people, but the Shoshone found him first. They had found the bodies of their families and friends, and had just one thing on their minds..
OUR AMERICAN WEST, VOLUME FOUR, download, VOLUME FOUR, by Gary McCarthy, Read by Rusty Nelson
Our American West, Volume 4 completes this collection of stories written by Gary McCarthy. The Lewis and Clark Expedition proved once and for all that the storied and hoped for “River across America” didn’t exist. Long before the Forty-Niner Gold Rush a diminutive but courageous priest named Fr. Junipero Serra sacrificed everything to bring Christianity to the gentle coastal Native Americans while faithfully establishing a string of beautiful California miss..
OUR AMERICAN WEST, VOLUME ONE, download, by Gary McCarthy, Read by Rusty Nelson
In Our American West, Volume 1, discover humor, tragedy and courage in every one of these delightful stories. Gary McCarthy has been writing about the American West for thirty years, and these are some of his favorite topics written – not for the expert or scholar – but for all the armchair admirers of things historically written. Some of these exciting subjects are fairly well known -- such as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. But even here you will ..
OUR AMERICAN WEST, VOLUME THREE, download, by Gary McCarthy, Read by Rusty Nelson
Our American West, Volume 3, is filled with Western Frontier stories you’ll find entertaining. "The Roadrunner – Our Sagebrush Clown" reflects on the speedy and often comical bird of our Southwestern deserts. Wild and wicked "Calamity Jane" lived up to her reputation as the West’s most infamous outlaw woman. “The Donner Party – Frozen Horror” describes the horror that led to cannibalism. The "49er Gold Rus..
OUR AMERICAN WEST, VOLUME TWO, download, by Gary McCarthy, Read by Rusty Nelson
Our American West, Volume 2, begins with America’s first colonizers -- the prairie dogs -- and how, out on the ranges, they were so hated by ranchers that they were almost made extinct. Conestoga Wagons were once called “prairie schooners” crossing America long before the famed Pony Express. The indomitable courage of Sarah Winnemucca, the “Prairie Princess”, rivals that of a tall Swede named Showshoe Thompson who skied the sn..
OUTLAW VALLEY, download, by Max Brand, Read by Steve Cooper
Terry Shawn was a kind-hearted outlaw. He took from the rich and gave to the poor and while doing so, stole the heart of a beautiful young woman. Infuriated lawmen could never catch up with him. But deep in one secluded valley lived an older man with such a haunted past, he chose the solitude of a wild mountain range to find peace for his troubled soul. From this man named Shannon, Terry came to know the real meaning of honesty and friendship. More importantly, he learned tha..
PEOPLE OF THE FOREST, download, by David Thompson (Wilderness Series, Book 50), Read by Rusty Nelson
The Epic Struggle for Survival in America's Untamed West. When Nate King chose a new valley in which to build his home, he wanted to get away from all civilization and the inevitable trouble it brings. But Nate can't duck trouble for very long. A hostile band of Indians has also laid claim to the Kings' valley, and they've made it clear they're not willing to share. In a desperate act to punish Nate and his family, they capture his daughter, Evelyn. An..
PERILS OF THE WIND, download, by David Thompson, (Wilderness Series, Book 37), Read by Rusty Nelson
KIDNAPPERS! It takes a special breed of man to survive in the wilds of the American frontier. A man like Nate King has the courage, the strength and the skills he needs to endure the hardships of the magnificent Rockies. But the four cutthroats who heard about Nate paying for provisions with gold don’t plan to make it on their own. They figure they can get Nate’s gold for themselves. When they kidnap Nate’s younger daughter they think they’ve struck..
PINKERTON'S GOLD, download, by Tom Nichols, (John Whyte Series, Book 4), Read by Rusty Nelson
John Whyte, Pinkerton detective, war hero and banished son of an English Earl, undertakes the difficult assignment of discovering who is responsible for a series of deadly gold shipment robberies. Along with his faithful servant and companion, Kahm Singh, a retired Sikh warrior, and assisted by Curly Bill Williams, a happy-go-lucky Texan, John travels to Denver in the company of Rafe Wallace, the man who hired the Pinkertons in a desperate attempt to save his gold operat..
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PISTOLS AND POWDER, download, by Jason Elder, (Outcasts Series, Book 4), Read by Michael Taylor
Society had turned its back on them, and they were only too happy to return the favor. They were the Outcasts, unwanted by their own people, with no one to rely on but themselves. Together they rode west, seeking a land where they could be free to live the way they wanted. But Fate provided a detour on their journey, a detour that was armed and very dangerous. A gang of train robbers caught the Outcasts with their guard down and stole everything they had, and the Outcasts wou..
POACHER'S MOON, download, by John D. Nesbitt, Read by Milton Bagby
When Wilf Kasmire is asked to guide some hunters on a newcomer’s ranch, he doesn’t think anything is up. After all, he wants to try to make a living as a guide and outfitter so he can enjoy the outdoor life he loves. As he goes about his work, he is nagged by the disappearance of a young woman he used to spend time with, and no one seems to be trying very hard to find her. Ultimately, the two questions come together: does Wilf want to keep on selling the gifts of ..
POTTER'S FIELDS, download, by Frank Roderus, Read by Rusty Nelson
He did his killing behind a badge. He lived for the sudden bloodshed, the booze, and the women who made him feel whole again. And whenever the law-abiding hypocrites closed in around him, he always managed to slip away. But Joe Potter couldn’t outrun the demons that were chasing him – not even on the wide-open Dakota range. For it was there, in a line shack in winter, that an Indian woman and her child finally caught up with a man burning with fever and hate, and ..
POWDERKEG, download, by Larry Names, (Creed Series, Book 3), Read by Maynard Villers
Old Mexico was behind Creed...for now. Now he was willing to risk his life by going home to the girl and the land he loved. Texada and Texas. Both represented his future and as long as he could breathe he would determine his own destiny. But the road home lay through Victoria County, a place that many considered to be lawless and wild even before the War. He knew he was inviting trouble, but he was in a hurry. Riding into the town of Victoria, Creed finds himself caught in a ..
PROUD QUAIL OF THE SAN JOAQUIN, download, by Stephen Bly, (Old California Series, Book 3), Read by Laurie Klein
Christina Swan, the local schoolteacher, is fired when two overzealous suitors brawl at her school. Angry at the unfair treatment, she seizes the opportunity to manage a fledgling ranch for her uncle and runs into the obstinate Kern Yager, a neighboring landholder. As tempers flare between them, the two discover a common enemy in a land development plan that will swallow their ranches. They also discover the faith to meet their problems with God's support. ..