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REACHING COLORADO, download, by Frank Roderus (Tenderfoot Trilogy, Book 2), Read by Kevin Foley
Tenderfoot Harrison Wilke wondered about the three men. Heavily armed, avoiding the town, carrying gold coin in their saddlebags. Alert. Surly. Arrogant. Robbers, Harrison concluded, they must have robbed a bank or a train. Harrison thought about the money in the saddlebags while he worked. He had no idea how much was there or where it might have come from. But he was convinced that these three unpleasant men had come by its possession dishonestly. The question was, what shou..
REAP THE WHIRLWIND, download, by David Thompson (Wilderness Series, Book 47), Read by Rusty Nelson
A Treacherous Trail. Nate King and his family are accustomed to dealing with the perils of the wild. It's the spread of civilization that sends them further into the rugged Rocky Mountains to find a more secluded home. Along the way, fighting off attacks from rattlesnakes and wild buffalo, Nate becomes separated from the rest of the group. And only then does he realize that civilization isn't so ready to be left behind. An old enemy has posted a $10,000 reward for..
REBEL DOCTOR, download, by Tom P. Nichols, Read by Maynard Villers
Here is a marvelous story of a Texas doctor on the Confederate side of the Civil War. It's the story of his experience as a prisoner of the Union Army during the last six months of the Civil War, his escape and adventurous return to his home in Texas. During his trek back to Texas he teams up with a female Confederate spy to get him past the Union Army. She learns he knows the location of a cache of gold stolen from the Union Army. He wants to keep it to rebuild his war-t..
RED DOVE OF MONTEREY, download, by Stephen Bly, (Old California Series, Book 1), Read by Laurie Klein
The first book in a new series by the author of the "Heroines of the Golden West" series. Alena is a confident entrepreneur in a man's world who meets a rancher with a tragic secret in his past. They're both about to find their inner peace, their calling, and romance in Old California. ISBN: 978-1-60548-494-5 Read by Laurie Klein Approx. 8.5 hrs. ..
RED SKIES OVER WYOMING, download, by Will C. Knott, Read by Michael Taylor
First they shot his father, then they stole his land. Cole Randall aimed to get even. But it will take more than one angry man to fight the banks, the railroads, and the crooked lawmen who back them. So Cole Randall figured he needed an army, if that couldn't be had, then an able partner...And if that partner could outride and out shoot any man in Wyoming, so much the better! That the best partner was a woman...well, that might be a challenge. CLICK HERE ..
REDCOAT RENEGADES, download, by Douglas Hirt (Kit Carson Series, Book 3), Read by Rusty Nelson
On The Warpath! With skills and ability unrivaled by any in the West, Kit Carson felt truly at home among the wonders – and dangers – of the vast American frontier. But when he arrived in the rich fur-trapping country of the Flatheads, he found unexpected enemies waiting for him. A renegade British fur agent had been stirring the local tribes into a war of vengeance against the Americans, including their new captive – Kit. Suddenly it fell to Kit to stop..
RELENTLESS, download, by Bobbi Smith, Read by Rebecca Cook
A GIRL WHO NEVER GAVE UP - Dusty Martin hadn’t had an easy time of it. After her mama’s death she’d cut her hair and strapped on a revolver to join her father riding shotgun atop his stagecoach. Even when Charley Martin was killed by outlaws, and she was taken prisoner, Dusty kept hope alive. Until her prayers were answered by the hottest, hardest Texas Ranger ever to carry a badge or bring in a bandit. A MAN WHO NEVER BACKED DOWN - Grant Spencer always got ..
RESTITUTION, download, by Gary McCarthy, Read by Gene Engene
Bruin Henry's not proud of the life he's led. Robbing stagecoaches cost him the love and devotion of his daughter. Along the way, he's been blamed for worse crimes, namely, cold-blooded murder. Ironically, the man who rode with him the day of the botched robbery and who is truly responsible, is none other than his very own son-in-law, Link Cochran. Now, many years later, Henry learns that his daughter is dying, and she has just one request...she wants Henry to tak..
RETURN TO PHANTOM HILL, download, by Wayne Barton, Read by Eric Stapleton
When Steve Merritt and Clint Davidson fought Comanches for the U.S. Army at Fort Phantom Hill, the future was clear and bright. Then came the Civil War. Merritt went North, Davidson went South, and both made their own separate journeys through hell. When Merritt returned to Phantom Hill, he found a town full of angry ex-Confederates and Davidson's wife and child abandoned on their struggling ranch. Merritt was determined to find out what happened to his old friend, and to..
RICHARD LAMB, download, by Richard S. Wheeler, Read by Jerry Sciarrio
He was a peace-loving man forced to fight for his kin and his rights against the U. S. Army. In the forty years since Richard Lamb had come to Montana, he had built a thriving trading post where he lived with his Blackfoot Indian wife, their children and grandchildren. It was a hard, but happy existence. That is until "they" came. Captain Partridge had orders to arrest Lamb's entire family, then place them on the Blackfoot Reservation. Half-indian was Indian eno..
RICOCHET, download, by Thom Nicholson, (Man Killer Series, Book 2), Read by Milton Bagby
BLOOD MONEY! There’s a three-thousand dollar bounty on James Bennett’s head, and Marty Keller intends to collect it. Deep in the Oklahoma badlands, Keller pins down his quarry with warning shots, but a ricocheting bullet strikes Bennett in the back and mortally wounds him. Keller returns to Fort Wayne to collect his reward, only to be branded a back shooter by the townsfolk. Then, to his surprise, Bennett’s widow pleads with him to escort her and her y..
RIDE DOWN THE WIND, download, by Wayne Barton, Read by Gene Engene
Once they’d fought at each other’s side. Nantahe, the Apache scout, and Jess Faver, trackers for the U.S. Calvary. Then the Army imprisoned its Indian scouts, and the past was left behind. Bound by loyalty and love, Jess helped his blood brother escape. But when an innocent man was found dead in the mud, Jess knew Nantahe had gone bad with hate. Now it was up to him to bring the renegade back. From deep in the Texas badlands to the parched and bloody heart of Mexi..
RIDE THE RED SUN DOWN, download, by Tom Nichols, Read by Maynard Villers
Marty Keller, ex-Texas Ranger turned bounty hunter, is on the vengeance trail to find the three men who murdered his family. After being wounded, he is cared for by the widow of a murdered sheriff and she convinces him to search for the sheriffs killer as well. She asks a friend of the sheriff, an Indian, to help. The two are slowed by many battles along the way but eventually track the killers across the Southwest into Mexico. Side-tracked again, Marty gets involved in defen..
RIDE WITH CUSTER, download, by Tom Nichols, (John Whyte Series, Book 2), Read by Rusty Nelson
John helped smash a Confederate spy ring and was rewarded with command of his own cavalry brigade. To his amazement, his old junior officer Lieutenant, George Custer, shows up as his commanding General. In the desperate fight at Gettysburg, John grudgingly accepts Custer for the military genius that he is. After mortally wounding the Grey Cavalier of the South Jeb Stuart at the battle of Yellow Tavern, John is also wounded. For his actions, he is awarded the Congressional Med..
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