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RIDE WITH CUSTER, download, by Tom Nichols, (John Whyte Series, Book 2), Read by Rusty Nelson
John helped smash a Confederate spy ring and was rewarded with command of his own cavalry brigade. To his amazement, his old junior officer Lieutenant, George Custer, shows up as his commanding General. In the desperate fight at Gettysburg, John grudgingly accepts Custer for the military genius that he is. After mortally wounding the Grey Cavalier of the South Jeb Stuart at the battle of Yellow Tavern, John is also wounded. For his actions, he is awarded the Congressional Med..
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RIDERS OF THE PONY EXPRESS, download, by Ralph Moody, Read by Cameron Beierle
Prior to the Civil War, the fastest mail between the West Coast and the East took almost thirty days by stagecoach along a southern route through Texas. Some Californians feared their state would not remain in the Union, separated so far from the free states. Then businessman William Russell invested in a way to deliver mail between San Francisco and the farthest western railroad, in Saint Joseph, Missouri—across two thousand miles of mountains, deserts, and plains&mdas..
RING OF FIRE, download, by Cotton Smith, Read by Damon Abdallah
Ring was a Captain recently discharged from the Union Army after the war had come to an end. Intent on making his way home to Abilene, Kansas to be with his parents, he is confronted with danger from many sources including a town held captive and harassed by Confederate deserters. But it’s not just deserters he must fight; next it’s a woman with a gun, one who alters his life for good. During his travels Ring meets a mysterious gunman, a Haitian by the name of Sak..
RIVER OF OUR RETURN, download, by Gladys Smith, Read by Stephanie Brush
The homestead hidden in Idaho's Salmon River Canyon had been a paradise, until the river claimed the life of her husband. Now, lonelier than she ever thought possible, Hattie Clark finds Toby, an eight-year-old runaway. An unspeakable secret has driven the boy into the wilderness to search for his great-uncle, Afton McCabe, Hattie's cantankerous gold-mining neighbor. The river promises great riches to McCabe but delivers heartbreak, and Afton resents Toby's intrus..
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RIVER THUNDER, download, by Gary McCarthy, Read by Kevin Foley
On the vast and indescribably beautiful South Rim of the Grand Canyon a young Hualapai boy faces a bleak future in 1902. River Thunder's mother has just passed into the Spirit World and his father has nothing left to give the boy except his hand carved flute and his magical gift for music. It is a time in America's history when Native American children were separated from their loving families, tribes and even their ancient and traditional cultures and..
RIVERBOAT, download, by Douglas Hirt, (Riverboat Series, Book 1), Read by Rusty Nelson
During the golden age of Mississippi, people from all walks of life climbed aboard the riverboats to help forge a nation. The stories of a gambler, a landowner, chambermaid, and runaway slave are told. ISBN: 978-1-60548-871-4 Read by Rusty Nelson Running Time: 9.2 Hrs. Rated PG ..
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ROBERTA AND THE RENEGADE, download, by Stephen and Janet Bly, (The Carson City Chronicles Series, Book 3), Read by Laurie Klein
Notorious outlaw Manitoba Joe Clark seems to have been caught red-handed this time, but he's begging Judge Kingston to find out who framed him. At home, life seems to be unraveling for the judge and his wife Judith. Will their widowed missionary son marry a most unlikely woman and return to India? Can evidence implicating Roberta's fiance as an embezzler and the father of an illegitimate child be true? ear ..
RUSTLERS ON THE FRYING PAN, download, by M and M Lehman, Read by Gene Engene
When Russ Lang, sheriff of Twin Buttes is killed trying to avert a bank robbery, his son Todd seeks revenge. Todd goes undercover posing as a cowhand to get a job at the Frying Pan Ranch which is suspected of being a haven for crooks of all repute. The Frying Pan Ranch had belonged to a Claude Fanning who just up and disappeared. Now the ranch is being run by a rough fellow named Shep. Todd soon realizes he may never get off the ranch alive until he discovers Link, another co..
RUSTY SPRINGS, download, by Jo Ann Bender, Read by Kelly Willis
Leigh Wiodonski’s life as a blackjack dealer has been turned upside down. Now, she is trying to escape her frightening past. She fears more alarming happenings if she doesn’t leave Winnemucca. Can the mysterious stalker find her at a remote mountain cabin in Montana? In this fast-paced thriller, she changes her identity in the mountains where gossip is juicy at the Stitchers N’ Bitchers and she falls in love. The ways of living in the West become especially ..
SAM HOOK, download, by Richard S. Wheeler, Read by Rusty Nelson
Meagher County, Montana, is Hereford country. All the ranchers are raising Angus or Hereford cattle--all except Sam Hook. He is the only holdout, continuing to herd longhorns as he has for years. Since everyone uses public range, there is no way to keep Hook's longhorn bulls from breeding with the Hereford herds, lowering their value. The ranchers form an association with the number one goal of getting rid of Hook's longhorns, even if it means getting rid of Hook hims..
SAVAGE RENDEZVOUS, download, by David Thompson, (Wilderness Series, Book 3), Read by Rusty Nelson
Mountain Man Nathaniel King must prove his innocence when accusations of multiple murders and theft could land him in a "civilized" prison cell for the rest of his natural life. to hear a sample of this audiobook ISBN: 978-1-58116-505-0 Read by Rusty Nelson Approx. 5 Hrs. Rated PG ..
SAVAGES, download, by David Thompson (Wilderness Series, Book 30), Read by Rusty Nelson
THE PREDATORS. Frontiersmen living in the untamed Rockies are surrounded every day by endless dangers, including attack by hostile Indians. But to Nate King and his family, the local tribes are simply people like them, people trying to live free in the glorious mountains, and many of them have become their friends. It is only when Nate’s son, Zach, sets out with his fiancée to visit her relatives in St. Louis that Zach meets savages of a very different kind &ndas..
SAVING MISS JULIE, download, by Stan Lynde, (Merlin Fanshaw Series, Book 3), Read by Stan Lynde
When cattle Baron Thane McAllister's daughter Julie disappears from her home and a ransom note signed by the notorious Coldwater brothers arrives at the ranch, the cattleman calls on his longtime friend U.S. Marshall Chance Ridgeway to deal with the situation. Marshall Ridgeway deputizes cowboy Merlin Fanshaw (The Bodacious Kid) and sends him and legendary tracker Hoodoo Hawks to deliver the ransom and rescue Julie. The job is supposed to be a simple one, but Merlin soon ..
SCALPER'S TRAIL, download, by Will C. Knott, (Golden Hawk Series, Book 6), Read by Maynard Villers
Golden Hawk hires out to lead a band of tenderfeet through a maze of mountains and dead-end gullies ruled by the proud Blackfoot nation. To complicate matters, the great Blackfoot warrior chief Black Feather has vowed to take Golden Hawk's scalp. Further bloodying the waters is a raging tribal war in which Golden Hawk has to take sides and take lives, while a mountain man named Elias Hogwood proves a white man can be as savage as a redskin and twice as treacherous... ..