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THE LOST WAGON TRAIN, download, by Stephen Bly (Retta Barre's Oregon Trail Series, Book 1), Read by Rebecca Cook
A simple trip into the prairie provides adventure and trouble. Soon Retta Barre is the talk of the wagon train. Her friends don't want to miss her next caper. And Retta certainly won't let them down. ISBN: 978-1-64192-211-1 to hear a sample of this audiobook Running Time: Approx. 3.01 Hrs. Read by Rebecca Cook Rated G ..
THE MAN FROM LARAMIE, download, by T.T. Flynn, Read by Rusty Nelson
No one in Coronado, New Mexico, wanted Will Lockhart to linger in town. There were some willing to go to dire lengths to drive him out. But the lone rider from Laramie had come a thousand miles to find a gunrunner whose thirst for blood money had killed his younger brother. And Lockhart won't leave until he gets his vengeance. ISBN: 978-1-60548-556-0 Read by Ru..
THE MAN FROM THE BRAZOS, download, by Ermal Walden Williamson, (Brazos Series, Book 2), Read by Rusty Nelson
When Matt Jorgensen learns that the man who helped him hone his deadly skills with a pistol is gunned down, he vows to bring the killer to justice. On the train to Abilene, Matt relives his early days in the Kansas territory when he found himself embroiled in the rising turmoil of a nation at odds over slavery. Free soilers and slavers fought against each other at the expense of the innocent farmers of the territory. Matt would have to learn to be fast, accurate, and lethal w..
THE MAN WHO DIED TWICE, download, by Loren Robinson, Read by Gene Engene
Captain Ben Morgan had served with the 8th Air Force in World War II. At home he had a wife and three young children. Three more missions and he could go home. But a bombing run in his B-24 over Hamburg changed his life forever. Shot down by German fire, he was reported killed in action, but a German doctor saved his life and rebuilt his face. His wife, Jenny, waited five years for his hoped-for return, then married George Albright. When Bens’s brother Da..
THE MEDICINE WAGON, download, by Gary McCarthy, (Medicine Wagon Series, Book 1), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
Henry Wallace is the son of a prominent physician in late 1800's Boston, it's the last quarter of college before graduation. But Henry never graduates. Forced into a fight for his life he kills a man who turns out to be the son of Boston's most notorious gangster. Arrested by the Police, who are paid off by the gangster, Henry is sentenced to prison for life. He makes a daring escape and becomes a fugitive, not only from the law but he is constantly pursued by the..
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THE MYSTERIOUS RIDER, download, by Zane Grey, Read by Jack Sondericker
No one knows why the mysterious rider showed up at the ranch, or even where he came from. He seems gentle and kindly, but fire smolders behind those blazing eyes, which can ignite in a sudden flash of gunfire and death. Here's what the N.Y. Times says about this story: "Hard-riding cowboys, the beautiful girl, and that love of nature which lifts this author's books above the average story of their type." --N.Y. Times. CLICK HERE FOR CD PRODU..
THE NEXT ROUNDUP, download, by Stephen Bly, (Fortunes of the Black Hills Series, Book 6), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
THE SAGA OF THE FORTUNE FAMILY DOESN’T COME TO A CLOSE BUT INSTEAD TURNS ANOTHER CORNER IN THIS FINAL INSTALLMENT OF STEPHEN BLY’S MASTERFUL WESTERN EPIC. The story of the Fortune family sees a new beginning with the grandchildren of Brazos Fortune, especially his grandson Frank, and their place of prominence and disgrace in the Black Hills of 1875-1905. As the weight of all the Fortune family tradition, history, and faith bears down upon them—some of the..
THE O'KEEFE EMPIRE, download, by Jane Candia Coleman, Read by Stephanie Brush
Joanna O'Keefe sells off the family holdings in Texas to go find her husband in New Mexico Territory. He went with John McLeod dreaming of a cattle empire with millions of acres for the taking. On her way Joanna meets Angus McLeod bound to join his brother. When they arrive at the Circle MC they learn Alex has been murdered by unknown assailants. A young Mexican girl at the ranch is pregnant with Alex's child, and there seems no place for Joanna on the entire sp..
THE OIL RIG, download, by Frank Roderus, (The Carl Heller Series, Book 1), Read by Kevin Foley
Meet Carl Heller, a maverick son of the modern West. Heller's a man you can turn to when your life's in danger - if you can get him off his butt. Born in the Colorado high country, he's a part-time rancher who savors a laid-back approach to living. But Heller's also a law school dropout with a head for justice that's as hard as the Rockies and with a mile-wide stubborn streak. So he hires out to hopeless cases, hurtling into action when some big guy is put..
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THE ORDEAL OF ANDY DEAN, download, by Douglas Hirt, Read by Rusty Nelson
Andoreana Dean was the only survivor of a blaze that destroyed her home while her father was away. Now Franklin Dean is searching for his daughter with a U.S. Marshal. Dean and the lawman know that Andy has been picked up by the notorious Neville Hallidae gang. But what the manhunters don’t know is how the presence of little Andy Dean is changing each one of the hard-bitten bank-robbers, and setting off a struggle among them. Now, as the law closes in on two sides, Andy..
THE OUTCAST BRIGADE, download, by Jason Elder, (Outcasts Series, Book 1), Read by Michael Taylor
They were not wanted where they came from. They were not welcome anywhere. They were outcasts, rootless and friendless, until luck or destiny threw them together. A former Apache scout shunned by his tribe, an ex-Union Army major, a former Confederate captain, and two army deserters, all forced to band together to stay alive. That is, as long as they could avoid killing each other. Now they were needed, but could they bury their anger and work together long enough to do what ..
THE OUTLAW'S TWIN SISTER, download, by Stephen Bly (The Belles of Lordsburg Series, Book 3), Read by Rebecca Rogers
Her life was like a bad dream that kept getting worse. Until the Lord awakened her to a future of hope. Julianna Ortiz gave up her hopes for a perfect life long ago. She's 32, and alone, and she's accepted that. For how could she ask anyone to share in the absurdity that has become her life? Her twin brother is languishing in a Mexican prison. His fellow gang members are constantly harassing her. And her father, who was absent for so long, has finally returned. ..
THE OUTSIDER, download, by Frank Roderus, Read by Heath Kizzier
Nobody was stopping Leon Moses from settling on the spread he had bought with his pay from long, hard years with the 10th Cavalry. Not the slick lawyer who cheated him on the sale. Not the rustlers who ran off his stock. Not the law that turned its back on him. Not the neighboring ranchers who turned their guns on him. Not the attacking Apaches who turned the sea of grass red with blood. Leon Moses was a black who had to show a lot of folks that courage knew no color, and tha..
THE PECOS RIVER, download, by Frederic Bean, (Rivers West Series, Book 8), Read by Michael Taylor
Buck Wallace, a lone white man in the land of the Kwahadie Comanche, was determined to make his home by the Pecos River. He vowed to live alongside the Kwahadies and carve his own private paradise out of the wilderness. But the trail to peace was long, hard and stained with the blood of the few who went before him. He would have to brave the challenge of the legendary warrior Goyah...learn the perils and pleasures of love from the beautiful Kiowa woman Asa...and test his will..