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THE PLIGHT OF MATTIE GORDON, download, by Jeanne Marie Leach, Read by Janean Jorgensen
Mattie Gordon’s ordinary life is turned upside down when bounty hunter Cyrus Braydon arrives on her doorstep showing a wanted poster for her son. WANTED: Will Gordon, Dead or Alive. Consumed with finding her son and making sure his soul is ready to meet eternity, Mattie embarks on a desperate race to reach Will before the bounty hunter finds him. When Mattie discovers someone following her, she reluctantly forms an alliance with Cyrus in order to save herself an..
THE POCKET WATCH, download, by John Duncklee, Read by Beth Richmond
There is an authenticity in John Duncklee's voice that you don't find in other writers of the American West today. His characters are as lively as a wild mustang stallion, and as unpredictable as the weather. If you love a good story, treat yourself to John Duncklee. Johnny D. Bogg, while looking for "the pocket watch" once owned by Tyrone Running Bear's murdered father, he and his guide, Nell Muldoon travel around southern Arizona Territory where they m..
THE PONY EXPRESS WAR, download, by Gary McCarthy, (Derby Man Series, Book 4), Read by Gene Engene
Look sharp, hit hard - that's the Derby Man's style. He's a fast-moving mountain of muscle who throws himself into the thick of the West's greatest adventures - like the Pony Express, a grueling 2,000 mile race through hell. The pace and terrain are deadly enough but vengeful Paiute warriors and murdering saboteurs led by a sadistic giant threaten to turn the route into a trail of blood. Then one man with the guts to save the Pony Express stepped forward - the..
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THE PURGATORY RIVER, download, by Frank Roderus, (Rivers West Series, Book 12), Read by Michael Taylor
Amid the magnificent desolation of the American Southwest ran a river of hope, bringing life to the desert, and pioneers to a forbidding land. They gathered on the banks of the Purgatory...wandering souls on the run from the past...or in search of the future: Hernan Eduardo and his sister Elena, posing as husband and wife to hide her shame; Aaron, who has fled from danger his whole life, and who now would have to summon the courage to stand up for his rights; and Talks To Gho..
THE QUEST, download, by David Thompson, (Wilderness Series, Book 28), read by Rusty Nelson
TO DIE FOR A FRIEND. Life in the brutal wilderness of the Rockies is never easy. Danger can appear at any time, from any direction. Whether it’s in the form of hostile Indians, fierce animals, or the unforgiving elements, death can surprise any unwary frontiersman. That’s why Nate King and his family have mastered the fine art of survival – and learned to provide help to their friends whenever necessary. So when one of Nate’s neighbors shows up at h..
THE RAIL WARRIORS, download, by Gary McCarthy, (Derby Man Series, Book 9), Read by Gene Engene
Darby Buckingham, the West's hardest hitting, toughest fighting, fastest thinking hero, now charges into what threatens to be his most unbeatable challenge: helping the Union Pacific win the great railroad race across the continent. With time running out, the Derby Man must overcome ferocious Sioux and Cheyenne, brutal weather and terrain, the treacherous Missouri River and the toughest collection of men ever assembled to lay track. And, if that isn't enough, th..
THE RAINBOW TRAIL, download, by Zane Grey, Read by Maynard Villers
In RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE, Lassiter and Jane Withersteen are being chased by the Mormons but take refuge in a cave which is the entrance to a lost valley. To save themselves they destroy the entrance to the cave. But the ending is unanswered. THE RAINBOW TRAIL has the answers to the question most often asked: what finally happened to Lassiter and Jane Withersteen? DO..
THE REBEL OF BODIE, download, by Gary McCarthy, (Derby Man Series, Book 8), Read by Gene Engene
When Rebel Morgan was the law, Bodie, California had been a town of hope and promise. To quote the newspaper, Bodie was now "the wildest town in the west" and ex-sheriff Rebel was the whiskey-soaked town joke. A broken and bitter man since his wife's brutal murder, Rebel had been unwilling to stem the rising bloody tide of violence and corruption that now threatened to destroy Bodie. But Darby Buckingham is fiercely determined to whip Rebel bac..
THE RED RIVER, download, by Frederic Bean, (Rivers West Series, Book 19), Read by Michael Taylor
Eli McBee and Seth Booker are drawn by the promise of rich furs. ISBN: 1-58116-285-5 Read by Michael Taylor Running Time: 8.5 hrs. Rated PG ..
THE RETURN OF SAM RACHE, download, by George Goldthwaite, (The Graham Ranch Legacy Series, Book 2), Read by J.P. O'Shaughnessy
This is the story of a black man who serves as a scout for Custer's Seventh Cavalry. Custer split his command and took five companies to the Little Bighorn. The only survivor of his five companies was a bay horse named Comanche, returned to Fort Abraham Lincoln aboard the steamboat Far West, along with some 50-odd wounded soldiers from the other companies. In my novel, Sam is in charge of taking the horse home. ISBN: ..
THE RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE, download, by Zane Grey, Read by Gene Engene
Riders of the Purple Sage tells the story of a Mormon woman caught between the persecution of religious zealots and several “Gentile” gunmen seeking to lend her a helping hand. Lassiter, a gunfighter, protects Jane Withersteen from cattle rustlers and greedy men who want her ranch -- and her -- for their own. Set in Utah during the nineteenth century, this novel offers an early critique on the practice of polygamy and plural marriage in the Old West. ..
THE RIO GRANDE, download, by Jory Sherman, (Rivers West Series, Book 11), Read by Maynard Villers
From the distant mountains, through the vast deserts to the Gulf of Mexico flows the Rio Grande River, giving life, promising adventure, shaping empires. And across its banks fought the Americans, the Mexican Army, the Shoshone, the Utes and the Arapaho Indians. Matthew Caine, an American agent working against the Mexican Army, also known as "El Gigante", attempts to make allies of the plains Indians. Lieutenant Melgares, of the Mexican Army is sworn to find the Ame..
THE RISING STORM, download, by David Thompson (Wilderness Series, Book 53), Read by Rusty Nelson
Mountain man Nate King comes to the aid of his friends Simon and Felicity Ward when a ruthless Easterner lays claim to hundreds of square miles as his private hunting preserve, including their homestead. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE CD PRODUCT CD ISBN: 978-1-64192-149-7 Running Time: Approx. 5.94 Hrs. Read by Rusty Nelson Rated PG ..
THE RIVER, download, by Douglas Hirt, Read by Greg Papst
Jack MacLaren and his partner, Charlie Longbough set out from the Rocky Mountains, bound for New Orleans, with a season's worth of beaver pelts and high expectations of the wealth they will bring. But, unbeknownst to them, a war is brewing with England, and the British had blockaded the mouth of the mighty Mississippi River, halting all commerce in or out of the river. Jack's and Charlie's furs are nearly worthless, and their visions of wealth evaporate. Broke and..