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WIND IN THE WIRES, download, by Janet Chester Bly (A Trails of Reba Cahill Series, Book 1), Read by Kelly Willis
It's 1991 and Reba Cahill loves ranching with Grandma Pearl in north central Idaho, but there's a lot of work and only two of them. Can she find a man worthy of her attentions and strong enough to help her run the ranch? She finds few prospects in the small town of Road's End. But Reba is also missing something else: her mother. Deserted by her at three-years-old, and never knowing her dad, she feels a sense of longing, loss, and bitterness. When elde..
WIND RIVER, download, by Gary McCarthy, Read by Laurie Klein
In a land where justice was found in the barrel of a gun and the line between outlaw and citizen was thinly drawn, two women struggled, fought, and won. Rebecca, the elder, beautiful and defiant, found herself in the majestic mountains of Utah, forced to marry a brutal polygamist. All she wanted was to become a physician - and a free woman. Katie, younger, innocent, passionate, risked her life so her sister might have a chance for freedom. She risked all to establish a sprawl..
WINDS OF CHANCE, download, by Rex Beach, Read by Kevin Foley
Young Pierce Phillips, green, naïve, self-assured and with little money, finds himself in Dyea, Alaska. He is soon parted from his money by smooth-talking gamblers. Now, penniless, hungry and with no means to reach the Klondike, he is forced to accept a job hauling supplies for other would-be prospectors over the perilous Chilkoot Pass. During one such expedition he meets Countess Courteau, who plays a major role in his future. His Yukon adventures change Pierce from you..
WINTER GRASS, download, by Richard S. Wheeler, Read by Rusty Nelson
During the 1886 Montana drought Harvard educated John Quincy Putnam had Federal Law on his side, and desperate angry neighbors surrounding him. A hard 1887 winter follows, and ranchers pay the price for overgrazing. Texas fever, foreign investors and strong-arm cattlemen's associations all mount up against "Quin" Putnam when, under the law, he runs strings of barbed wire along two sides of his range. The Birkenheads cut miles of fence, threatening his ..
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WINTERKILL, download, by David Thompson, (Wilderness Series, Book 15), Read by Rusty Nelson
Savage and dangerous, the unexplored Rockies hid threats that could kill even the most experienced mountain men. For mountain man Nathaniel King, helping stranded travelers had become common. But when he takes in a pair of strangers who have lost their way, his kindness is repaid with vile treachery. ISBN: 978-1-60548-316-0 Read by Rusty Nelson Approx. 5.6 Hrs. Rated ..
WOLF PACK, download, by David Thompson, (Wilderness Series, Book 20), Read by Rusty Nelson
Mountain man Nathaniel King and other settlers in the Rockies are forever on the lookout for possible dangers, and always ready to match death with death. But when a marauding band of killers and thieves kipnaps his wife and children, Nate has finally run into enemies who've pushed his skill and cunning to the limit. ISBN: 978-1-60548-694-9 Read by Rusty Nelson..
WOLVERINE, download, by David Thompson (Wilderness Series, Book 49) Read by Rusty Nelson
Hunted? In the harsh wilderness of the Rocky Mountains, every day presents a new challenge. Nate King and his family have survived by overcoming those challenges, one by one. But in the new valley that is their home, they face perils they've never before known. Some of the most vicious predators on the continent are stalking the Kings and their friends. Nate has gone up against grizzlies, mountain lions, and enraged buffalo, but he's never battled wolverines--cunni..
WOODEN GUNS, download, by Max Brand, Read by J.P. O'Shaughnessy
Jim Conover possessed the reputation of a man fast with a gun. But if he had to depend on that quickness today, he would be a dead man. The marvelous deftness of that right hand is gone, ruined in a dynamite explosion. And now he is a respected man working as a prospector. Dr. Clinton Alyard is a man on a mission, to rebuild his family's ancient lands and houses in England. Alyard will use anyone or anything to gain the wealth needed. It's natural that these two deter..
WOOL ON THE DRIFT FENCE, download, by M and M Lehman, Read by Gene Engene
Tina Wanski and her husband Raul discover how much cattle ranchers in southern Colorado hate sheep when the ranchers drive them out and kill Raul. Except for her herders, Tina is left alone to drive her sheep to the Tongue River Valley in Montana. She soon becomes hardened to the problems facing a sheep owner as they trail through cattle country. But she becomes more determined to show cattlemen that she is not going to be pushed around and tries desperately to gain a foothol..
WYOMING GLORY EDEN RICHARDS, download, by Jeanne Foster, Read by Laurie Klein
She had the face of an angel, the will of a spitfire, and a mind of her own. Behind her was the slavelike existence in a Welsh mining town. Ahead, the promise of freedom in America, but to her horror, Eden Richards was soon to discover that slavery wears many disguises. The strict Mormon laws that could bend her to her will. The terrifying rites of the Sioux who had captured Eden and made her one of them. The lustful advances of the arrogant mine owner who would make her his ..
YAHZIE, download, by Gary McMillan, (The Tye Wakins Series, Book 8), Read by Rusty Nelson
Yahzie- Apache Warrior is the 8th installment of the Tye Watkins series. It follows Tye as he tracks down Yahzie, an accomplished Apache warrior, who had killed several people, including four of the six white men who had entered his camp and killed his wife, son, mother and father. ISBN: 978-1-61453-352-8 Running Time: Approx. 6.5 Hrs. Read by Rusty Nelson Rated PG ..
YANCEY, download, by Gary McMillan, (The Tye Watkins Series, Book 3), Read by Rusty Nelson
Yancey and his brother, Billy, rode with Quantrill during and after the Civil War. They hated the Union and they, along with their gang of thieves, rapist, and killers, were raising hell along the border close to Fort Clark. When they robbed a saloon in Brackett and killed two soldiers along with several townspeople, an Calvary patrol, with Tye scouting, was dispatched to bring them in-dead or alive. ISBN: 978-1-61453-31..
YAQUI GOLD, download, by Clint Walker and Kirby Jonas, Read by Gene Engene
Sam Coffey and Tom Vance had been partners for years, but after the accident neither could stay on at the K-Bar Diamond spread. Now, Sam has more enemies than any man has a right to. Too many enemies, and too few friends, and those friends are no where to be found. If Sam Coffey lives long enough to crawl out of the Mexican desert, it will be nothing short of a miracle. IS..
YUKON GOLD, download, by M and M Lehman, Read by Gene Engene
Prim and proper Becky Hurst leaves the frontier town of Seattle and travels alone to the Yukon to join her neer-do-well husband. But things don't turn out like she planned. Becky learns worldly truths that were suppressed while sheltered in her parents home. Her survival is soon linked to her quick wit and new found prowess with firearms. Proper manners fall by the wayside as she grows stronger and trailwise, challenging the wilderness on its own terms. Becky learns to su..