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BUCKSKINNER, download, by R.C. House, Read by Rusty Nelson
Jake "Griz Killer" Lyman was pure mountain man right through. He has made a home for his wife Rachel and adopted son Daniel in the finest place on earth, with room to live and breathe free. Yet he could read the sign of things to come, and wasn't afraid to face what he'd flushed out. He could see even in 1835, that the whole grand mountain man way of life was ending. The beaver were trapped out, too many white men were flooding across the mountains, a..
BUFFALO MEDICINE, download, by Don Coldsmith, (Spanish Bit Saga Series, Book 3), Read by Rusty Nelson
When they mastered the ways of the "Elk Dog," the horse, the band prospered. Yet they knew the old traditional ways must not die. Owl's father had changed the lives of The People bringing the horse from his native Spain. Now the younger son of the legendary chief must make his own reputation by learning the way of the buffalo from an ancient medicine man. He pursues his own vision quest, a perilous journey taking him through savage lands where he is captured by ..
BY DUTY BOUND, download, by David Thompson (Wilderness Series, Book 41), Read by Rusty Nelson
A Man on a Mission... Of all the untamed places on the American frontier, the Rocky Mountains might be the most dangerous and the least welcoming. But that's where young Lieutenant Phillip Pickforth must go. He is ordered to lead a detachment from distant Fort Leavenworth to investigate reports of a vicious massacre. Reports blame the Shoshones, and the alleged ringleader of the slaughter is...Zachary King, halfbreed son of famed mountain man Nate King. As Lieutenant P..
CALL OF THE BRAZOS, download, by Ermal Walden Williamson,  (Across the Brazos Series, Book 3), Read by Rusty Nelson
When Matt Jorgensen met plantation owner, Ginny McBride, he knew that she would be the love of his life. Together, they would forge a lasting body, but a Yankee musket ball would tear their lives asunder. Matt searches but cannot find Ginny. He joins the confederacy and continues his search for her. Years later, while clinging desperately to life one wintry Montana night, he would once again have to face the demons of his dark past and answer the haunting call of the Brazos. ..
CAPTAIN MARSH'S GOLD, download, by George Goldthwaite, (Graham Ranch Legacy Series, Book 3), Read by J.P. O'Shaughnessy
According to legend, the Far West's captain, Captain Grant Marsh, ordered a fortune in gold bullion buried to make room for the wounded soldiers and boiler fuel for the trip downstream to Ft. Lincoln. Before he could return, the river rose and wiped out all the landmarks he used to mark the spot. When Sam was tasked with burying the gold, he made two maps, one using distant landmarks and the other nearby trees and stones. Now, with the nearby landmarks gone, he is the onl..
CAPTIVE'S TRAIL, download, by Will C. Knott, (Golden Hawk Series, Book 8), Read by Maynard Villers
Golden Hawk's beautiful sister Annabelle had been kidnapped by a Comanche band, and Hawk knew all too well what was being done to her. Even more maddening was his discovery that she was being passed from hand to hand as he pursued her abductors. The Comanches, the Blackfoot, and then a mammoth mountain man named Gar Trimm, all in turn took possession of her as Golden Hawk battled the cruelest odds of nature and man to free Annabelle and wreak a revenge that made death swe..
CAPTIVE, download, by B. Boyd Robinson, (Captive Series, Book 1), Read by Kevin Foley
Martha Hazlett, young, slight and pretty, escapes from a position of near slavery in England and boards a ship for the colonies in America where wives are needed. Upon arrival, she is selected for marriage by a gentleman old enough to be her father and wisked off to his plantation on the edge of the wilderness. She makes the best of a bad situation until the plantation is raided by Indians and she becomes a captive. Her only hope for rescue is from the men at the Jamestown se..
CAPTIVES OF THE DESERT, download, by Zane Grey, Read by Stephanie Brush
When John Curry, galloping across the desert to save the life of an Indian child, was thrown from his horse and badly injured, he was rescued by a woman whose husband became his deadly enemy. For Wilbur Newton was both jealous and afraid. He was jealous of the love of his beautiful and lonely wife, who seemed each day more powerfully attracted to the dashing Curry, and fearful for the safety of an ingenious scheme. ..
CARELESS CREEK, download, by  Stan Lynde, (Merlin Fanshaw Series, Book 2), Read by Stan Lynde
Merlin Fanshaw is the "Bodacious Kid." Now, as a young man, he finds himself the proud new owner of a blood-bay thoroughbred race horse. After his parents death, Merlin had been semi-adopted by livery owner Walt Finkleman. But now old Walt is dead and Merlin is alone, except for the prized horse the kind old man left to him. Touched by the inheritance, Merlin sees the horse, Quicksilver, as a chance to change his future. Quicksilver could win him fortune and fame at..
CASANOVA COWBOY, download, by Jo Ann Bender, Read by Kelly Willis
When a charismatic cowboy arrives in Rusty Springs, he brings with him a breath of fresh air as he settles in at the Oliver Ranch. The first to be attracted to the charms of her husband’s new hired hand, is Joy Ann Oliver. Lance’s devil eyes beckon and his finely-chiseled face speak a hidden language of pleasure. Even his manner of living intrigues her husband. When Joy Ann tells her Stitch N’Bitchers, that he is staying at her ranch, the ladies get exci..
CASE FILE: BLACK FRIDAY, download, by Paul Colt, (Case Files Series, Book 2), Read by Rusty Nelson
Credit Mobilier mastermind and mysterious majority shareholder Jake Gelb joins Diamond Jim Trask in a plot to corner the gold market. The post Civil War gold market is severely depressed. Short sellers have driven gold into a secular bear market. Trask reasons that given the limited pool of gold in circulation, well financed investors could acquire positions sufficient to control the market and dictate price. Gelb and Trask organize a Midas Compact syndicate to corner the gol..
CASE FILE: UNION PACIFIC, download, by Paul Colt, (Case Files Series, Book 1), Read by Rusty Nelson
President Ulysses S. Grant dispatches Justice Department Special Services Officer, U.S. Marshal J.R. Chance to investigate suspected railroad construction fraud. Chance confronts a ruthless conspiracy that will stop at nothing in its quest to monopolize Union Pacific construction contracts and the lucrative right of way land grants that go with them. Fast paced action sweeps the young marshal, and the Cheyenne woman who saves his life, across the Wyoming basin on a trail that..
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CAULDER'S BADGE, download, by Will C. Knott, (Wolf Caulder Series, Book 4), Read by Rusty Nelson
Wolf Caulder had once saved Johnny Reno's life, and Reno had helped him complete his ten-year quest for vengeance upon his family's murderers. Then one day Caulder surprised Reno and his gang as they were robbing a bank. Suddenly everything changed! Caulder found himself faced with the hardest and most dangerous manhunt of his life. All along the trail Caulder must wrestle with one question, could he kill the man whose life he once saved? CLICK HERE F..
CHARLIE AND THE SIR, download, by Frank Roderus, Read by Cameron Beierle
Charlie Roy and pale, skinny Sir Arthur, an English gentleman, arrive at the Crown B ranch north of Cheyenne which is owned by the Sir’s sister, Elizabeth. Elizabeth was widowed the past winter, and left with a ranch that lost nearly all its beef stock from the brutal 86’-87’ winter freeze. Additionally, Elizabeth’s dead husband’s former partner, Justin Harper, is hell-bent on taking over her ranch. But what Harper and his boys don’t figure..