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EXPLOSION AT DONNER PASS, download, by Gary McCarthy, (Derby Man Series, Book 6), Read by Gene Engene
The thundering engines of the Central Pacific are stalled in the quest to conquer the mighty Sierras. Only a mountain of a man, Darby Buckingham, could pound the railroad through the granite walls of trouble. Atop sheer rock cliffs just a death plunge away from the surging river a thousand feet below, braving punishing cold, Darby must lay down track, foot by hard-blasted foot, with a construction crew that is threatening to tear itself apart with vicious fighting. But ..
FALSE CLAIMS AT THE LITTLE STEPHEN MINE, download, by Stephen Bly, (Stuart Brannon Series, Book 2), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
After months of digging, Stuart Brannon and Edwin Fletcher finally hit the mother lode, only to find someone else is after their claim. Under attack they ally themselves with three Ute Indians and fortify the mine. As the siege continues Brannon rescues Fletcher from a band of kidnaping claim jumpers, and ends up with another companion in the bargain. Velvet Wendell becomes the third partner in the Little Stephen Mining Company. Soon Brannon and his partners are fighting both..
FANG AND CLAW, download, by David Thompson, (Wilderness Series, Book 33), Read by Rusty Nelson
THE CANYON OF DEATH. To survive the untamed wilderness a man needs all the friends he can get. No one can battle the continual dangers for long on his own. Even a fearless frontiersman like Nate King needs help now and then and he’s always ready to give it when it’s needed. So when an elderly Shoshone warrior comes to Nate asking for help, Nate agrees to lend a hand – no matter how strange the request may be. The old warrior knows he doesn’t have..
FINAL JUSTICE AT ADOBE WELLS, download, by Stephen Bly, (Stuart Brannon Series, Book 5), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
Stuart Brannon heads south of the border to buy cattle for his ranch, but finds the cattle rustled and the owner murdered. Stuart discovers a former Confederate Officer has stolen the herd to finance his own private army with the fantastic dream of "liberating" Baja, California for the Confederacy. Army or no army, Stuart Brannon isn't about to let anyone walk away with his cattle. During the feud Stuart again encounters the enchanting widow Victoria Pacifica. H..
FINDING NEVADA, download,  by Frank Roderus (Tenderfoot Trilogy, Book 3), Read by Kevin Foley
Tenderfoot Harrison Wilke leaves Colorado and heads for Nevada. Harrison’s oldest and best friend, John J. Trohoe, has died in a mysterious accident; and John J.’s will names Harrison sole inheritor of the estate. The estate is a disputed mine called the Amelia One, which hasn’t yet proved profitable. But a group of California investors, who claim they hold the title, think it might be very profitable indeed. For the first time in years, Harrison feels a fre..
FIREWATER, download, by David Thompson (Wilderness Series, Book 39) Read by Rusty Nelson
TROUBLE BREWING. When Artemis Borke opens a trading post in Nate King's territory, both settlers and Shoshone have access to goods and supplies. But Borke also begins to sell liquor, which has severe consequences on the Shoshone warriors--even more so when bloodthirsty Crows target the village. ISBN: 978-1-61453-772-4 Running Time: Approx. 6.4 Hrs. Read by Rusty Nelson Ra..
FLAMES OF JUSTICE, download, by David Thompson (Wilderness Series, Book 42), Read by Rusty Nelson
In the untamed wilderness of the Rocky Mountains, there is frequently only one law; the law of survival. But sometimes even the brave men and women living on the brutal frontier must answer to the justice of so-called civilization. This is the lesson that famed mountain man Nate King and his son, Zach, are about to learn. Zach, a half-breed, has been brought to trial, accused of being the ringleader of a blood-drenched Indian massacre at a trading post. Nate knows that his so..
FOLLOW THE WIND, download, by Don Coldsmith, (Spanish Bit Saga Series, Book 2), Read by Rusty Nelson
Don Pedro Garcia believes the drunken Captain Sanchez' claim that the Don's only son is still alive and living among the savages in New Spain's uncharted wilderness. The Don makes Sanchez his guide on an expedition to find the young man. Lieutenant Ramon Cabeza, a true soldier and friend to the Don, mistrusts this new so-called guide and discounts his wild tale of a "hair face" living among the native peoples. The mystery widens as the expedition continu..
FOOL'S COACH, download, by Richard S. Wheeler, Read by Rusty Nelson
First there is Aristotle Scrimshaw who had left his wife and children on their small farm in Wisconsin to pick up some cash in the bustling goldfields of Virginia City. He had done well, buying up claims and collecting gold worth more than $100,000--but now there is trouble back home and he must get there immediately. Then there is Angelica Ramirez who had left her abusive husband to become the most prosperous madam in the territory-but now she wants to be done with the life ..
FOOL'S GOLD, download, by Ken Hodgson, Read by J.P. O'Shaughnessy
When Jake Crabtree, a luckless and lazy prospector, comes out of wintertime hibernation -- a time when Jake goes on one long alcoholic binge -- he discovers that his partner, Doc McNair, has died. In digging the doc's grave, Jake hits a rich vein. When the news hits the papers, poor Jake finds himself surrounded by masses of people itching to rob him of his gold. DOWNLOA..
FOUR FURLONGS, download, by C.K. Crigger (The China Bohannon Series, Book 4), Read by Kris Faulkner
Smart and sassy bookkeeper China Bohannon is a modern 1890s career woman who'd rather sleuth than type. China is in charge of the Doyle & Howe Detective Agency office on the day a fourteen-year-old girl shows up seeking the detectives' help in a case of what she's calling murder. Neva Sue O'Dells jockey brother has been killed during a race, the horse he was riding ̶ the dead-on Derby favorite ̶ lamed. Neva claims her mother and grandfather are involved, h..
FRIENDS AND ENEMIES, download, by Stephen Bly, (Fortunes of the Black Hills Series, Book 4), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
ROBERT FORTUNE IS THE LAST ONE TO COME HOME. Robert is not like his father, the legendary Brazos Fortune. Not a businessman like his brother Todd. Not a notorious retired gunslinger like his brother Sam. Nor the social darlings of the Black Hills like little sister, Dacee June. He’s a career soldier who no longer has a career. With the discipline of a West Point graduate, and the rock solid faith his long-departed mother, Robert moves his famil..
FROM YOUTH TO VENGEANCE, download, by George Goldthwaite, (The Graham Ranch Legacy Series, Book 1), Read by J.P. O'Shaughnessy
John Graham grows up on a rocky, cactus-infested ranch on the Texas Frontier located far west of settlements on the Colorado River. His childhood is cut short when the War Between the States forces him into manhood long before Mother Nature gives his body time to mature. Along with his friend Carlos, whose father works for the Graham Ranch, and Sammy, the orphaned son of escaped slaves, he takes on the responsibilities of running and defending the family homestead against mar..
FRONTIER FURY, download, by David Thompson, (Wilderness Series, Book 35), Read by Rusty Nelson
MOUNTAIN MANIAC: For frontiersman Nate King, the Rockies are the last untamed wilderness, a place of magnificent beauty and unparalleled danger, a place to respect and call home. He and his family begin a trek through this harsh terrain with no wish but to see their cabin at journey’s end. But a chance encounter with a deranged settler leads Nate to the startling discovery that the man has big plans for this wild land. Rejected by the army, William Proctor plans to carv..