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JEDIDIAH BOONE, by Dusty Rhodes, Read by Gene Engene
Army scout, Indian fighter, bounty hunter, and great nephew of the legendary frontiersman, Daniel Boone, Jedidiah hung up his guns and retired to his mountain hideaway. But an Apache massacre and the kidnapping of two young girls changed all that. Jedidiah will need all his skills and more as he battles the harsh elements of the vast New Mexico deserts, and the warriors of the Apache in a desperate attempt to rescue the captive girls before it is too late. DO..
JOKERS AND ONE-EYED JACKS, by Bernie Kite, (Bear Walker Series, Book 3), Read by Gene Engene
A mysterious letter sends Bear Walker on a journey thirty years into his past, back to the town of Bannack, Montana, where old ghosts still linger and a man’s deeds live after him. Unfortunately, Bear is accompanied by Mad Muldoon, Eureka Gulch’s most noticeable lunatic and one-time cannibal, who begged to come along so he could visit his Montana kinfolk one last time...and then remembers, too late, why he escaped from them in the first place. As Bear Walker&rsquo..
JOURNEY ON THE WIND, by Kay L. McDonald, (Vision of the Eagles Series, Book 2), Read by Mary Starkey
Marlette Brightwood had come inexperienced and unafraid from a sheltered life in Philadelphia to the unmapped, untamed Oregon Territory in 1842. She was sure she could take car of herself in this brutal world of crude frontiermen and savage Indians - and totally unprepared for what awaited her. Her guide was Ross Chesnut, a legend on the frontier. Some said he was a white renegade, others that he had Indian blood. But no one doubted his many bloody victories in violent bat..
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JUDITH AND THE JUDGE, by Stephen and Janet Bly, (The Carson City Chronicles Series, Book 1), Read by Laurie Klein
When a wealthy woman is found battered and abandoned, her womanizing embezzler of a husband mysteriously vanishes. His sister arrives from the East to avenge his reputation, and Carson City's spunky and beloved Judith Kingston, wife of Judge Hollis A. Kingston, finds herself caught up in a hurricane of intrigue and innuendo. Will she stay safe in the eye of the storm until justice is served? ear a sample of this audio..
KEELBOAT CARNAGE by Douglas Hirt (Kit Carson, Book 4), Read by Rusty Nelson
TERROR ON THE RIVER! The untamed frontier was filled with dangers of all kinds – both natural and man-made – dangers that only the bravest could survive. And so far Kit Carson had survived them all. But when he set out north along the Missouri River he had no idea what lay ahead. He couldn’t know that the Blackfeet were out to turn the river red with blood. And when he hitched a ride on a riverboat, he couldn’t know that keelboat pirates were waiti..
KENTUCKY PRIDE, by  Larry Names, (Creed Series, Book 4), Read by Maynard Villers
The Civil War left Clete Slater with three things: a price on his head for a crime he didn't commit, his new assumed name of Slate Creed, and a savage thirst for vengeance. To follow the trail of his brother's killers, he left his family, the girl he intended to marry, and his ravaged Texas home-town behind. The Union Army wants Creed, dead or alive. But even far from Texas in the wide-open gambling dens of New Orleans, the bluecoats are just a hoofbeat behind. With l..
KETCHAM'S LAND, by Douglas Hirt, Read by Rusty Nelson
Chance Ketcham is a drifter, a cowboy who is always looking for greener pastures. After a card game with Benny Gellerman, a man good with a gun, but bad with cards, Ketcham decides it is time to head out again. He finds a place to bed down on a lonely New Mexico farm run by old Corely Mattlin and his widowed daughter-in-law, Margaret. Ketcham has his eye on pretty Margaret, but he'd better keep his eyes open wide for trouble. A local rancher named Jeb Ollfinger is tryi..
KILL HAWK, by Will C. Knott, (Golden Hawk Series, Book 5), Read by Maynard Villers
It started when a gravely injured trapper named Pete Foxwell stumbled into Hawk's cabin. Before he died, he showed Hawk a bagful of gold coins, and told him about a hidden hoard of them. But he didn't say where. Hawk should have buried those coins with Pete's corpse, but instead he spent them on supplies and let slip the story of the treasure waiting to be found. Suddenly Hawk found himself the most wanted man in the West as a band of sea-going land pirates decide..
KING OF THE MOUNTAIN, by David Thompson, (Wilderness Series, Book 1), Read by Rusty Nelson
Nathaniel King left NYC in 1828 to venture into the vast unexplored regions beyond Mississippi. He heads west, lured on by dreams of wealth based on his uncle's promise to share with him "the greatest treasure in the world". His trail leads to life threatening danger in the wild uninhabited Rocky Mountains, where he must struggle simply to live day to day. If Nathaniel survives he will unearth a treasure far more valuable than he ever imagined.... ..
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KNIGHT OF THE RIBBONS, by Kirby Jonas, Read by Rusty Nelson
After the loss of his wife and newborn son, stagecoach driver Clay Logan leaves behind all that he knows to escape his ghosts. From the peaceful country lanes of Ohio, to the windswept prairies of Nebraska and Wyoming, to the sedate Mormon community of Great Salt Lake City to the wild, violent mining town of Idaho City, Clay must run in search of inner peace. But instead, he finds only trouble. His trouble had golden blond hair and sky blue eyes, and a half-breed Iriquois Ind..
LADY OF NO MAN'S LAND, by Jeanne Williams, Read by Stephanie Brush
Leaving Sweden for the American Frontier, seventeen-year-old Kirsten Mordal is determined to pursue her dream of claiming and cultivating her own homestead. She devises a plan that will enable her to explore the wild western plains, to choose a site for her future stake, and to save enough money to build a home. She befriends two men, Patrick O'Brien is a brawny Irish farmer and cattleman with a big heart, Ash Bowden, is a shrewd businessman who dreams of building orderly..
LADY WINCHESTER, by Kirby Jonas, Read by James Drury
Kathryn Winchester, 33-years old, has already lost three husbands to violence. The first died in the ravages of the War Between the States, the next died in a gambling hall in Hays, Kansas, and the third was killed in a pointless gunfight in Montana. Now her fourth husband, Ira, has been mysteriously gunned down and lies near death on the floor of their Idaho ranch house. Raised as a Quaker, Kathryn makes the hardest decision of her life in taking up her husband's rifle. ..
LAKE OF FIRE, by Linda Jacobs, (Yellowstone Series, Book 3), Read by John Pruden
It began with lies. One-quarter Nez Perce, Cord Sutton attempts to hide his Indian blood by adopting the life of a gentleman. As part of the ruse, he plans to buy the Lake Hotel, an island in the Yellowstone wilderness that offers elegant accommodations to travelers on the Northern Pacific Railroad.When Chicago heiress Laura Fielding is rescued from a stagecoach robbery in Jackson Hole by a rugged mountain man, she hides the fact she's wealthy. What she doesn't know i..
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LAST HANGING AT PARADISE MEADOW by Stephen Bly, (Stuart Brannon Series, Book 3), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
Stuart Brannon's friend Peter Mulroney has been wrongfully jailed by Dixon Rutherford, the corrupt Mayor of Paradise Meadow. Rutherford killed Mulroney's wife for standing up to him, and continues tyrannizing the entire town. Brannon comes to break his friend out, but finds himself drawn into the town's struggle by schoolteacher Rose Creek. With Rose's courage and Stuart's leadership the townspeople are ready for a showdown at the Gold Palace. Facing down ..