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SCALPER'S TRAIL, by Will C. Knott, (Golden Hawk Series, Book 6), Read by Maynard Villers
Golden Hawk hires out to lead a band of tenderfeet through a maze of mountains and dead-end gullies ruled by the proud Blackfoot nation. To complicate matters, the great Blackfoot warrior chief Black Feather has vowed to take Golden Hawk's scalp. Further bloodying the waters is a raging tribal war in which Golden Hawk has to take sides and take lives, while a mountain man named Elias Hogwood proves a white man can be as savage as a redskin and twice as treacherous... ..
SCAR by David Thompson (Wilderness Series, Book 40) Read by Rusty Nelson
Nate King embarks on a perilous journey through the Rockies to track a huge grizzly bear that has been terrorizing the Utes, but he gets more than he bargained for when he comes face-to-face with the eerily clever creature. CD ISBN: 978-1-61453-783-0 Running Time: Approx. 6.7 Hrs. Read by Rusty Nelson Rated PG, 6 CDs ..
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SECOND CHANCE, by Gary McMillan, (The Tye Watkins Series, Book 7), Read by Rusty Nelson
These novels are works of fiction that use facts and locations that are historically accurate to paint a picture in the reader's mind as they turn the page. Tye Watkins is a scout for Fort Clark, Texas, who uses his skills to work his way through one adventure after another. In this book, Tye is tracking a band of outlaws who robbed and murdered a rancher's wife and son. Adam Carter, one of the men Tye is after, worked for the rancher, and was coerced into the robbery..
SHADOW OF DOUBT, by Wayne Barton and Stan Williams, (J.D. King Western Series, Book 2), Read by Michael Taylor
Texas Ranger, J. D. King feels like he's been rode hard and put away wet. After a shotgun blast took his half-brother, C. D. Hollis, King had nearly lost an arm seeing to the killer. Now, he's heading home for Christmas in Waxahachie, and a hard reunion with Hollis' family. Edwin Spivey has plans for Christmas, and for King too. Some time back, Sheriff Hollis and Tom Trueblood put him in prison. Now, he's broken out to make them all pay, including their kin. T..
SHADOW OF LEGENDS, by Stephen Bly, (Fortunes Of The Black Hills Series, Book 2), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
BRAZOS FORTUNE HAS LEFT A TOWERING LEGACY. HIS SON TODD NOW STRUGGLES TO PROVE HIMSELF AND FIND HIS OWN IDENTITY IN THE SHADOWS OF LEGENDS. Life in the shadows. It happens to all of us. We stand so close to a dominant personality that our reflection can hardly be noticed. Someone more famous. More skilled. More powerful. Sometimes they are people we hardly know. Sometimes they are members of our own family. Brazos Fortune has left a towering legacy. His son Todd now strug..
SHADOW ON THE MESA, by Lee Martin, Read by Gene Engene
"When Wes Montana's Arapaho mother is murdered‚ the hired gun discovers his white father Ray Eastman‚ who had abandoned them before Wes was born‚ is still alive‚ wealthy with family‚ and may have ordered her death. Swearing vengeance on his own father‚ Wes yet finds himself on his father's side in the middle of a range war fueled by Eastman's unfaithful wife. Wes likes his half-brother but is afraid of Rosalie‚ a beau..
SHADOW REALMS by David Thompson (Wilderness Series, Book 44), Read by Rusty Nelson
On The Hunt - Raised in the harsh Colorado Rockies, Zach King knows the wilderness. He can track his way through the thickest forest and bring down the most dangerous beasts. But his most recent quarry has moved the game to a whole new ground: New Orleans. Hot on the trail of Athena Borke – the vicious woman who kidnapped his sister, Evelyn – Zach must adjust to a whole new set of rules in this vipers’ den of corruption. From gator-infested swamps to a mansi..
SHADOWS IN THE WIND, by Carolyn Lampman, (Cheyenne Trilogy Series, Book 2), Read by Laurie Klein
Cole Cantrell has no premonition that his life is about to change forever when he saves the life of a beautiful stranger. Still haunted by his wife’s death, he fights his growing attraction to the mysterious Stephanie, afraid that she belongs to another man. Stephanie has no memory of who she is or how she came to be in the middle of Wyoming Territory among strangers. Her only clues to the past are frightening dreams, a gold wedding band, and a confusing note that poses..
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SHADOWS, by Cotton Smith, Read by Rusty Nelson
Rone Chato is content to run a dude ranch and has no desire to return to Denver police work. However, he can't say no to his best friend whose wife has been kidnapped with other wealthy women in a bizarre and daring operation. Chato soon becomes a target as he peels layers of information from the past crimes that have affected his professional and private lives. CD ISBN: 978-1-60548-940-7 ear a sample of this audiobo..
SHAWGO 2, by Dusty Rhodes, (Shawgo Series, Book 2), Read by Gene Engene
His name was Kuuna Puuku. His exploits were legendary and whispered around Comanche campfires. Rumor had it he was almost invincible. He led a roving band of renegade Comanche that looted, plundered, raped, and slaughtered settlers all over west Texas at will – until he visited Shawgo's valley. They murdered Shawgo's wife and family, burned his house, butchered his cattle, and stole his horses! Now, Shawgo hits the vengeance trail to right the wrongs committed a..
SHAWGO, by Dusty Rhodes, (Shawgo Series, Book 1), Read by Gene Engene
In the early 1870’s, the young state of Texas was struggling to survive. Its vast, undeveloped land of over 260 thousand square miles became a haven for the lawless. Murderers, rustlers and renegade bands of hostile Indians and Comanchero roamed the vast wastelands of west Texas with only a narrow river separating them from the sanctuary of Mexico. One group of dedicated lawmen stood between this element and the law-abiding citizenry—the Texas Rangers. This is the..
SHEEP COUNTRY, by M and M Lehman, Read by Gene Engene
Upon the death of her father, Kim Demming has no alternative but to leave Seattle and go live with her uncle in Arrowhead, Wyoming. On the way, she meets Steve Owens a drifting cowhand who decides to look for work in Arrowhead. Neither of the two are aware of the serious roles they are about to play in Wyoming. Kim knew her uncle owned a ranch, but she didn't have any idea it was a sheep ranch located in cattle country. Nor was she aware of the range war brewing. Both Kim..
SHIFTING STARS, by Page Lambert, Read by Stephanie Brush
In a remote cabin, Skye Macdonald lived in a special world where her mixed blood was a blessing. A loving symbol of the union between her Native American mother and Scottish father. She grew strong and healthy, tall like her grandmother, and she learned the ways of the Highlanders and the Lakota. After a mountain lion took her mother, Skye, who would soon be a woman, was more than her grieving father could handle. So he took her to the summer camp of Turtle Woman's band, ..
SHILOH, by Dusty Rhodes, Read by Gene Engene
The Civil War made him a man. The battle of Shiloh made him a hero and gave him a nickname that stuck. The notorious Union prisoner of war camp made him a killer of his fellow prisoners in "Gladiator" contests in order to survive. But the killings brought haunting nightmares that wouldn't end until he settled an old score with a Union Colonel determined to see Shiloh dead. CD ISBN: ..