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THE SOUTH PLATTE, by Jory Sherman, (Rivers West Series, Book 17), Read by Michael Taylor
At the far western edge of the Great Plains, where the prairie meets the mountains, flows the South Platte, drawing farmers, traders and trappers to land long held sacred by two proud tribes. As the pioneers stake claims beside the pure waters of the river conflicts threaten to explode into war. Men and women on both sides fight to protect their families, fortunes and future. Frontiersman Davey Longsworth must choose between love and friendship. Homesteader Jan Van Nelle must..
THE SPIRIT OF THE BORDER, by Zane Grey, Read by Gene Engene
In 1777, pioneers were faced with displaced Native Americans, and marauding white men who preyed upon settlers. But Lewis Wetzel, a great frontiersman, became their protector, known as "the Spirit of the Border." He was also known as "Deathwind" to the Ohio Valley Indians, Armed only with his long rifle and knife, he heads out on a one-man rampage to stop the bloody border wars, to face down Chief Wingenund and to avenge the brutal missiona..
THE SPOILERS, by Rex Beach, Read by Jack Sondericker
Nome, where gold glitters in the sand and armies of men come to scoop it out. For the lucky ones, fortunes are made overnight. But fortunes can be lost just as fast. Claim jumpers are as thick as fleas. With the backing of a greedy judge, big-city interests are moving in and seizing small claims through smart, corrupt, legal manipulations. Tricked by the city slickers and frustrated by the corrupt court, the hardy miners take matters into their own hands. Led by Glenister and..
THE T.R. CONNECTION, by Robert B. Olafson, (Val Steffanson Series, Book 1), Read by Gene Engene
The setting of the novel is the 1880s in the Badlands of Dakota Territory along the Little Missouri River. There is great excitement in the town of Medora (North Dakota) as young Theodore Roosevelt from New York plunges into the ranching business at the same time that a wealthy Frenchman, the Marquis de Mores, is investing three million dollars into building a slaughterhouse and the new town of Medora (named after his red haired wife). Three young wranglers, Val Steffanson, a..
THE TEMPEST, by David Thompson, (Wilderness Series, 36), Read by Rusty Nelson
In the untamed wilderness of the Rockies, Shakespeare McNair has seen many dangers over the years, but even he has a hard time imagining the bizarre creature that's terrorizing him and his wife, Blue Water Woman. It walks like a man, but has the strength of an animal. When the beast finally strikes, carrying off Blue Water Woman, Shakespeare vows to turn the tables. CD ISBN: 978-1-61453-469-3 ear a sample of th..
THE TEXICANS, by Elizabeth Maul Schwartz, Read by Rusty Nelson
In 1806 Frederick and Katherine Stockman land their family in a forlorn swamp at the mouth of the Trinity River of Spanish Texas. They try to start a new life surrounded by menacing wildlife, debilitating maladies, hostile people and a growing threat of war. As "Texicans" they are accepted neither by their Spanish overlords or those in favor of independence. Aligning with Miguel Gonzales, a young Royalist deserter, the Stockman's help liberate Mexico and Texas f..
THE THUNDERING HERD, by Zane Grey, Read by Gene Engene
Mile upon mile of prairie covered by great buffalo herds; reckless, hard riding plainsmen, buffalo hunters, Indians, bandits--the whole colorful epoch of the pioneer, in a story which centers around the destruction of the thundering herds of buffalo. In this breathless tale of bravery and battle, of white man’s courage and red man’s daring, Zane Grey has written one of his finest novels. ear..
THE TOWN TAMER, by Dusty Rhodes, Read by Don Ranson
J.C. Holderfield brought law and order to the lawless frontier of Texas in the mid-eighteen hundreds and became known far and wide as “The Town Tamer.” His reputation for cleaning up a town was backed up by his fast gun and made him sought after by the law-abiding citizens and feared by those that would prey on them. CD ISBN: 978-1-61453-273-6 Running Time: Approx. 7.1 Hrs. ..
THE TRAIL OF NINETY-EIGHT, by Robert W. Service, Read by Maynard Villers
(No download exists for this title) This is the story of the great stampede of gold seekers to Alaska, written from the eyewitness viewpoint of the author. Not just a spectator, the author was among the first gold seekers who took part in the initial mining activities in the northland. The story is one that reflects incredible daring by those who held the dream of fabulous wealth. The story is also reflective of the less desirable elements including greed, cruelty, and su..
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THE TWO MEDICINE RIVER, by Richard S. Wheeler, (Rivers West Series, Book 14), Read by Michael Taylor
Down the eastern slopes of the Rockies, out upon the Great Plains, and into the heart of Blackfeet country flows the Two Medicine River. To this wild and beautiful land come a pair of young wanderers, half-breeds born of two worlds... but belonging to neither. Marie Therese de Paris - driven by the ancestral fires in her spirit - sets out on a vision quest, hoping to save the Blackfeet from their cruel fate. Peter Kipp, bold and ambitious, chooses to follow his father into th..
THE U.P. TRAIL, by Zane Grey, Read by Jack Sondericker
A survey engineer finds a young woman who has survived a Sioux battle. The story follows the progression of the railway line through Wyoming in outstanding Zane Grey fashion. CD ISBN: 1-59607-256-3 Read by Jack Sondericker Approx. 14 Hrs. 12 CDs Rated PG ..
THE UNFORGIVEN, by Alan LeMay, Read by Gene Engene
The Texas Panhandle was a harsh and unforgiving place, but the Zachary family managed to get by. Until their world was upended by an old enemy who started a vicious rumor about the true identity of beautiful seventeen-year-old Rachel Zachary. Now their neighbors want her dead, and a band of Kiowa warriors are out to claim her for their own. There's only one man who will stand up for her. But in protecting Rachel, he might just be signing his own death warrant. ..
THE VALLEY OF SILENT MEN, by James Oliver Curwood, Read by Rusty Nelson
Before the railroad's thin lines of steel bit their way up through the wilderness, Athabasca Landing was the picturesque threshold over which one must step who would enter into the mystery and adventure of the great white North. It is still Iskwatam - the "door" which opens to the lower reaches of the Athabasca, the Slave, and the Mackenzie. It is somewhat difficult to find on the map, yet it is there, because its history is written in more than a hundred and fo..
THE VALLEY OF THE GIANTS, by Peter B. Kyne, Read by Kevin Foley
In the summer of 1850, a topsail schooner delivered a man to a forested california coast. The man swung his pack to his broad, powerful back and strode resolutely into the timber. The man was John Cardigan, the first pioneer in that lonely land. This is the story of Cardigan and his son Bryce. John is to experience love, great accomplishment and ruin. But when his sire falls, Bryce takes up the fight to save his heritage, not for the sake of wealth but for an ideal. Here is a..