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TRAPPER'S BLOOD, by David Thompson, (Wilderness Series, Book 17), Read by Rusty Nelson
The exciting series that details the life and adventures of mountain man Nathaniel King returns, as Nate outfights the Indians and renegades roaming the unexplored territory. When trappers start turning up dead, their bodies mutilated, Nate and his friends vow to track down the merciless killers. CD ISBN: 978-1-60548-428-0 Read by Rusty Nelson Approx. 5.4 Hrs. 5 CDs Rated R ..
TRAPPERS ON THE DEVIL WATER by M and M Lehman, Read by Gene Engene
At thirty-six, Zeb Warren stands slightly over six feet tall. His muscles are as strong as the steel traps he uses in his trade. Jim Bridger got him started, now he’s on his own in the Idaho wilderness - the frontier that has been his home for twenty years. But now his serenity is being disturbed by unscrupulous trappers who are ruining his peaceful coexistence with the Indians. To make matters worse, the Indians are holding a white woman and her teen-age daughter capti..
TREASURE IN HELL'S CANYON, by Bill Gulick, Read by Jack Sondericker
Gold had lured many a fool on a dead end chase, and the prospectors who were seeking to stake a claim on the Golden Girl were no different. Legend placed the gold at the bottom of Hell's Canyon--a no man's-land surrounded by mile-high basalt cliffs. The only way in was through the killer rapids of the Snake River. Walt Randall knew fortunes could be won and lost overnight. Once he had left the poker table with $2500 and a beautiful oriental girl as "permanent com..
TROUBLE AT THE REDSTONE, by John D. Nesbitt, Read by J.P. O'Shaughnessy
Will Dryden, the main character of Trouble at the Redstone, is well equipped with the ability to fight with his fists and with his six-guns. Like other traditional western heroes, he also gets thumped once in a while and has a knack for getting gonad-driven bad guys to want to kill him. Somewhere in there, he also shows that he is hard-wired for direct action with a woman. When Will Dryden goes to work at the Redstone Ranch, however, he does not rely only on his fists, his gu..
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TROUBLE IN TEXAS, by Tom Nichols, (John Whyte Series, Book 3), Read by Rusty Nelson
John Whyte, the estranged, youngest brother of the Duke of Bransworth, and late Colonel of the Ist Brigade, Michigan Volunteer Cavalry during the Civil War, is at loose ends. The war has ended and he has tragically lost his fiancée to a needless attack by a wayward confederate soldier. He decides to visit his friend, General Phil Sheridan in Chicago, where the Civil War hero has been assigned as Commander of the Western Territories. Sheridan suggests that John look at ..
TROUBLE IN THE TETON VALLEY, by Gary McCarthy, (Medicine Wagon Series, Book 3), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
Henry and Samantha struggle against a town to save a family from typhoid fever. The towns people refuse to help and openly threaten Henry. Ice is the major commodity needed to keep the fevers down, and little is available in town. Samantha volunteers to go to the nearby mountains and bring ice down in her wagon with the help of a local mountain man. The pair meet up with disastrous consequences in the mountains, when it appears there is no ice. Meanwhile, Henry's ability ..
TURN SOUTH AT ROSWELL, by Ted Dickey, (Roswell Series, Book 1), Read by Rusty Nelson
Max Griffin rode into the New Mexico desert looking for a killer. He wasn't a handsome man but he was wise. Someone had been killing cattle, taking a few worthless organs, and leaving their carcasses to rot. His boss wanted it to end and posted a large reward. It seemed simple enough. Find the killers and make them stop. Riding a nasty little horse, armed with only a Henry rifle, a .44 Colt, and haunted by the memory of a beautiful woman, Max heads out into the desert. Wh..
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TWO FEET BELOW by C.K. Crigger (The China Bohannon Series, Book 2) Read by Rebecca Cook
Smart and sassy 1890s bookkeeper turned sleuth China Bohannon is a magnet for danger. Assigned to office duties in the Doyle & Howe detective agency, she lands smack in the middle of the detective’s latest murder case when a suspicious character tries to bribe her—and she takes the bribe! In an adventure that is destined to go downhill from there, China is thrown overboard from a steamboat into Coeur d’Alene Lake to drown. Escaping that, while hot on the..
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TYE WATKINS: U.S. MARSHALL by Gary McMillan (Tye Watkins Series, Book 9), Read by Rusty Nelson
This is the ninth book in the Tye Watkins series. This time Tye has taken on a new role, as a deputy U.S. Marshall. It follows his quest to hunt down Bloody Jack, a ruthless murderer and thief. CD ISBN: 978-1-61453-701-4 Running Time: Approx. 6.52 Hrs. Read by Rusty Nelson Rated PG, 6 CDs ..
UNTAMED COUNTRY by David Thompson (Wilderness Series, Book 46), Read by Rusty Nelson
Nate King and his family pride themselves on their ability to handle whatever hardships the harsh wilderness of the Rockies deals out. But lately their cabin, nestled in the foothills of the high country, has had some troublesome visitors. Nearby Ute and Crow warriors have banded together, set out to destroy the Kings' home...along with the King family. Nate has no choice but to find a new place to live. With a bloodthirsty war party dogging his every step, will he have a..
VANISHING RAVEN by Stephen B. Smart, Read by Rusty Nelson
It's 1867 in the Wyoming Territory, Chance Creager and his brothers have built their small, isolated ranch in the uninhabited valley near the Greybull River. While hunting, Chance stumbles upon a decaying wagon sunk in mud, near it the grisly remains of an Indian sacrifice. Nothing about the eerie scene makes sense. The mountains have secrets. Chance finds himself pulled deeper into the mystery when he finds a beautiful fugitive named Raven while hunting a deadly mountain..
VENDETTA AT LAST CHANCE GULCH, by M and M Lehman, Read by Maynard Villers
Reuben and Amy Corbin, brother and sister, are left destitute in 1886 when Quantrills Raiders burn their Missouri farm, kill their father, and ride off with all the livestock and supplies. Reuben swears that somehow, someday, he will find and kill the individual raider he saw gun-down his father. With no means of support, brother and sister decide to try for Oregon. They find work and earn enough money to join up with a wagon train. The wagon train becomes the platform for a ..
VENDETTA CANYON, by Stan Lynde, (Merlin Fanshaw Series, Book 6), Read by Stan Lynde
Sheepman Abel McKenzie and cattleman Zack Rainford were once the best of friends, but are now, in 1887 Montana Territory, mortal enemies. Their escalating feud threatens to throw the people of Meriwether County into a bloody range war. Three ranchers have already been killed, and the investigation into the homicides received only cursory review. One of those three men was McKenzie's employee. Deputy United States Marshal Merlin Fanshaw is sent to investigate and enforce t..
VENGEANCE by David Thompson (Wilderness Series, Book 43), Read by Rusty Nelson
In the wilds of the Rocky Mountains, there are the hunters and the hunted. Legendary mountain man Nate King has taught his son to be an excellent hunter. But now Zach finds himself the prey as a vicious killer stalks his every move. Athena Borke will stop at nothing to take vengeance upon the man she believes killed her brothers. Her goal: to capture Zach King and make him suffer a slow death. And she's concocted a plan sure to bring her bitterest enemy straight into her ..