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CHARLIE COYOTE, by Gary McCarthy, Read by Gene Engene
Half-breed Charlie Coyote takes on the notorious Brahman bull "Buzzard" during an all-Indian Rodeo in Winslow, Arizona. Elvis Presley is watching in the stands "getting material" for his role in another b-grade Hollywood movie. Elvis rushes Charlie to a Flagstaff hospital to save his life. Thus begins the unlikely friendship of two men from drastically distinct worlds. Elvis senses Charlie's innocence and purity of character, traits he misses in his ph..
CHARLIE DEEGAN, by Mike Thompson, Read by Gene Engene
Down on his luck after leaving the Army as a sharpshooter, Charlie Deegan winds up in the Yuma Territorial Prison for drunken brawling. Knowing he can't last out the remaining nine years of his sentence he escapes determined to change his life. He must brave the raging desert heat, elude an Indian tracker, and run the risk of confronting the Mexican Bandit El Loco Lobo and his gang. He'll need all his sharpshooting skill, courage and honor to face down the desert'..
CHAYATOCHA, by Shane Johnson, Read by Greg Papst
Daniel Paradine is a man of education and reason, devoted to his wife and son, and dedicated to leading them safely to Oregon. But, when their wagon train is led into a treacherous mountain detour and horrifying attacks begin to pick apart the small group, Paradine must confront the beast responsible for the nightmare...a creature that defies all logic and spares the teacher only to accomplish its most sinister desire. ..
CHEROKEE LIGHTHORSE, by Gary McCarthy, (The Horsemen, Book 2), Read by Maynard Villers
Haunted by the blood and bitterness of the Civil War, Houston Ballou escaped from Tennessee on the proud stallion High Fire, followed by his brother Ruff, his sister Dixie, and the last four mares from the Ballou farm, one of them heavy with foal. Threatened with extreme danger from either army, they head west to start a new life. Adding to their peril are deserters that stalk the roads. These men would kill for a few coins, more so for valuable horseflesh. ... ..
CHEYENNE JUSTICE, by Larry Names, (Creed Series, Book 9), Read by Maynard Villers
Hallettsville, Texas was home to ex-Confederate officer Slate Creed. But after taking an oath for the Union he discovered Yankees had taken over his plantation, named him an outlaw when he resisted, and framed him for murder... Now with a signed confession in his hand naming the real murderer, Creed can finally clear his name. With his nephew and sister-in-law, he's headed for Texas. But his trail is fraught with danger...and it won't do Creed much good to gain his re..
CHEYENNE, by Gary McCarthy, (Medicine Wagon Series, Book 2), Read by Jerry Sciarrio
Henry Wallace, now a fugitive, and narrowly escaping death in Denver, is on his way to Cheyenne with Samantha in her medicine wagon. The pair discover a farm house with a man dying under suspicious circumstances and the wife refuses Henry's help as a doctor. Samantha gets into big trouble with the law in Cheyenne and Henry goes to great lengths to bail her out. He risks life and limb during a free-for-all in which the last man standing gets the $400 prize money. Henry mus..
COLORADO GOLD, by Douglas Hirt, Read by Rusty Nelson
Harrison Mandell had come to the Arizona outpost of Yuma, on the bug infested banks of the Colorado, to find out who was stealing money from an upriver mining company called Mina del Agua Mala. But from the moment a saloon girl came running naked into the dusty street, and a love-crazed Indian was driven off with a shotgun, Mandell knew this wasn’t going to be an ordinary case. Between him and the mine was a hard, muddy stretch of the swirling Colorado and a boat ride o..
COLORADO PREY, by Larry Names, (Creed Series, Book 8), Read by Maynard Villers
Hallettsville, Texas was overrun by Yankees and Northern corruption after the Civil War, and ex-Confederate officer Slate Creed lost everything when Yankees stole his home, named him an outlaw and condemned him to die as well... On the run since his home-coming after the Civil War, Slate Creed sees a chance to clear his name. To do so, he must find Quade, the man who helped frame him. The hard part will be getting him back to Texas to tell the tale...especially wh..
COLTER'S HELL, by Gary McCarthy, Read by Gene Engene
For young Quinn Wallace, reaching the land called Yellowstone was a quest he would rather die for than abandon. For the courageous woman who fell in love with him, it was a reason to surrender everything she once held dear. Pursued by her vengeful husband, the lovers fought their way into the mythical land, and then fought to stay. But their fight was only the beginning of a grander tale of a land’s destiny, a nation’s hunger, and of the violence, vision, and trag..
COMANCHE MOON by David Thompson (Wilderness Series, Book 51),  Read by Rusty Nelson
When a good deed leaves him stranded in Comanche territory, where his supplies and weapons are stolen, Nate King finds himself defenseless against a band of bloodthirsty warriors who want him dead. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE & CD ISBN: 978-1-64192-090-2 to hear a sample of this audiobook Running Time: Approx. 6.2 Hrs. Read by Rusty Nelson Rated PG, 6 CDs ..
COMANCHE RECKONING by Douglas Hirt (Kit Carson Series, Book 5), Read by Rusty Nelson
BLOOD ON THE SNOW! There was probably no better tracker in the West than famous Kit Carson. With his legendary ability to read sign, it was said he could track a mouse over smooth rock. So Kit didn’t expect any trouble when he set out on the trail of a common thief. But he hadn’t counted on a fierce blizzard that seemed determined to freeze his bones. Or on a band of furious Comanches led by an old enemy of Kit’s – an enemy dead set on revenge. D..
COWBOY FOR A RAINY AFTERNOON by Stephen Bly, Read by Jerry Sciarrio
It's 1954. In this western cowboy novel, six Old West cowboys and a 10-year-old boy meet for a weekly cribbage game. While the old men spin tales of days gone by on the trail, a real life adventure stirs around them. The boy with the red straw cowboy hat, cap gun and leather bullet belt with silver-painted wooden bullets remembers it well. Maybe he wasn't born 100 years too late. CD ISBN: 978-1-61453-917-9 ear a sample o..
COWBOY, by Frank Roderus, Read by Jack Sondericker
Cowboy, yep, that's his name for this story, had been drifting in the west ever since he left his home in Yellow House Creek, Texas. Working and moving from ranch to ranch, he followed the work for nigh on to fifteen years. But now he was looking for a spread of his own, he had been saving the pay he earned while working for others. He was looking into the Triple X Ranch, the one they called the Whiskey Brand. A bargain...or so it seemed... $..
CREEDE OF OLD MONTANA by Stephen Bly, Read by Rusty Nelson
Creede of Old Montana follows the exploits and heartbreaks of Avery John Creede, an ex-cavalry soldier, as he tramps along the upper Missouri River in search of four Army pals who didn’t show up for a scheduled reunion. Throughout Creede’s confrontations and adventures, three things remain constant: his courage, his rock-solid faith, and his wounded heart. He knows the first two will never change. And at forty-two, he’s not sure the third ever will either. ..