HAYSEED by Frank Roderus, Read by Jack Sondericker

HAYSEED by Frank Roderus, Read by Jack Sondericker
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Arnie Rasmussen was big, with the general build of a young ox, and he may not have known much, but he knew one thing: He loved Katherine Mulraney. Sure, she was too good for him; she was beautiful and fine, and he was, well, just Arnie. Just as he was steeling his nerve to talk to her, she disappeared. Folks said she up and ran off with a fancy traveling man, but Arnie couldn’t believe that. So he set off after her. But the Wyoming Territory was a mighty tough place, and Arnie had never been off his father’s ranch. He had a lot to learn, and he’d learn all right... the hard way.Click for more Western audiobooks


CD ISBN: 978-1-61453-821-9
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Running Time: Approx. 5.54 Hrs.
Read by Jack Sondericker
Rated PG, 5 CDs

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