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STILLWATER SMITH by Frank Roderus, Read by Jack Sondericker
Out on the frontier, there are two kinds of men. There’s the kind who’s tough with a gun..
STORIES FROM THE JUNGLE BOOK AND MORE by Rudyard Kipling, Read by Laurie Klein
Four short stories are included in this volume of Kipling works, they are (1) MOWGLI’S BROTHER..
STORM AT DAYBREAK, by B.J. Hoff (Daybreak Series, Book 1), Read by Jean DeBarbieris
Daniel Kaine is an enigma...and Jennifer is falling in love with him. Can she discover what drives t..
STRUCTOPHIS by Joseph R. Lallo, Read by Jerry Sciarrio
In a small town in Colorado, Markus Spiros was just getting his life on track. By day he worked as a..
THE ANGELS' SHARE by Brooks Carver, Read by Henry McNulty
Out of the nineteenth century period of reconstruction comes former Sergeant Jack Grady of the Stone..
THE ASSASSIN'S KEY by Stephen B. Smart, Read by Ben McLean
   At fourteen, Gillis McCabe has a contentious argument with his father and angrily leave..
THE ASSASSIN'S WIFE by Dan Daines (The 5th Republic Series, Book 1), Read by Andrea Bates
The Assassin’s Wife is a thrilling tale of political intrigue set in current America. A jealou..
THE BACK WING by Mike Befeler, Read by Ron Ford
Grieving widower Harold McCaffrey moves into the Mountain Splendor Retirement Home and finds himself..
THE BURNING PRAIRIE by M and M Lehman, Read by Gene Engene
During the frontier days, North Dakota was considered the land of opportunity by hardy pioneers eage..
THE CALLING OF DAN MATTHEWS, by Harold Bell Wright, Read by David Sharp
This is a story about a young man’s journey into manhood and the discovery of his true calling..
THE CASTLE OF THE CARPATHIANS, by Jules Verne, Read by Patrick Treadway
Mysterious entities take possession of a long deserted castle creating fear among the residents of t..
THE CIRCULAR STAIRCASE, by Mary Roberts Rinehart, Read by Laurie Klein
Twenty-year-old Halsey and 24-year-old Gertrude, nephew and niece of Rachel Inness, a well-to-do mid..
The Complete Left Behind Series (Dramatized in Full Cast) by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins
In one cataclysmic moment, millions around the globe disappear. Vehicles, suddenly unmanned, careen ..
The Complete Little Britches Series (CD-FORMAT) by Ralph Moody, Read by Cameron Beierle
In 1906 eight year-old Ralph Moody moves with his family from New Hampshire to a Colorado ranch for ..