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The Mt. Pelée Redemption by Stephen Hawley MartinNEW AUDIOBOOK RELEASE


By Stephen Hawley Martin

Read by Kris Faulkner

Listen to a sample of The Mt. Pelée Redemption by Stephen Hawley Martin

  This fast-paced thriller and romantic suspense novel won First Prize for Fiction from Writer's Digest, and Independent Publisher magazine awarded it a First Place IPPY. Claire DuMond can't believe her father would just lapse into a coma for no apparent reason. Even his doctors are mystified. But one thing is clear, she must find the cause before it's too late. Claire sets out to do just that, and soon arrives on the Caribbean island of Martinique. And wouldn't you know? Her boyfriend followed her. Why does he never seem to listen? There they meet a Voodoo priest who may be able to help find the answer. Does it have to do with the eruption of Mt. Pelée that killed more than 30,000 inhabitants some fifty years prior?

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   "MisteReader Cameron Beierler Beierle, I would like to thank you for your outstanding performance in your narration of David Eddings series of books. The uniqueness of your voice characterizations of the principles of the story are outstanding, and they add a depth to the story that enhances the overall experience of reading these books." - RBS

   Books In Motion would like to acknowledge one of our amazing lifetime readers, Cameron Beierle, for his years of dedication to entertaining, in his priceless style, through countless audiobooks. Your unmatched talent of bringing to life the written word through audio is truly appreciated by your dedicated fans, and by Books In Motion. Thank you, Mr. Beierle!