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We at Books In Motion wish to express to J.J. Lamb our sincerest condolences for the recent loss of his wife and co-author, Bette Golden Lamb.  Bette passed away last week.  We share deeply in J.J.’s sadness at her loss.  One of Bette's wishes was to see their latest book in the Gina Mazzio Medical Thriller series published in audio.  This week, Books In Motion is pleased to present that new audiobook, BONE POINT, in honor of Bette…

Click here for Bone Point by The LambsNEW AUDIOBOOK RELEASE


By Bette Golden Lamb & J.J. Lamb

A Gina Mazzio Medical

Thriller, Book 8

Read by Rebecca RogersClick to hear audio sam[ple of Bone Point


Long-time fans will rejoice—now we know love does conquer all. Gina is pregnant—this after doctors said it would never happen. But five months into her high-risk pregnancy, Gina's veteran brother, who suffers from PTSD, vanishes. Why has he abandoned everyone and everything? Although under bed-rest orders, Gina takes off to find him. What she discovers is that Vinnie's been swallowed up in a derelict, soon-to-close VA psychiatric hospital with a corrupt administration involved in greed, malevolence, and murder. Vinnie could be the next to die.

Advance praise for BONE POINT:

"The Lambs are real masters of taut action and edge-of-the-seat suspense. Bone Point is another outstanding entry in this exciting series of medical thrillers." —Margaret Lucke, author of Snow Angel

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Click here for Alibis Can Be Murder by Connie SheltonNEW AUDIOBOOK RELEASE


By Connie Shelton

A Charlie Parker Mystery, Book 17

Read by Rebecca CookClick to hear a sample of Alibis Can Be Murder

   The weather turns to spring, and Charlie faces a pair of puzzles. Against Charlie’s better judgment Ron, her PI partner, takes a cheating-spouse case that turns into a comedy of errors involving a star football player and his wife’s petty vengeance. Meanwhile, Charlie’s neighbor Elsa has a bad feeling about a family up the street. Is it a case of the neighborhood busybody having too much time on her hands, or is there truly something sinister happening with twin teen girls who’ve been left with too much money and not enough supervision? Charlie finds herself remembering what her own teen years were like as she tries to decipher what the twins are up to.

Here’s what others are saying:

“... suspenseful storytelling with sensitive portrayals of complex family relationships.” – Booklist
“Shelton’s engaging story, likable heroine, and comfortable prose make this a good choice.” – Library Journal

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